Sreeleathers Complaint of shoes with manufacturing defects purchased from Sreeleathers Ltd showroom, 16A, Regal Building,Connaught Place,New Delhi -110001

1.I purchased a pair of leather shoes, model no. â 85878 / 10 colour â Black for Rs. 740/- vide Cash Memo Number â T 60 / 00387004 on 14.03.2017 from Sreeleathers Ltd showroom, 16A, Regal Building,Connaught Place,New Delhi -110001. The side stitching of one of the shoes was worn out from in less than two days. 2. The shoe was under guaranteed for a warranty period of six months.
3. I went to their above mentioned Connaught Place showroom on 04.04.2017 and showed the manufacturing defect to the salesperson Shri Manas and requested him for replace the defective pair of shoes because it was just 10 Days of purchase . After inspecting the pair of shoes he insisted that in this case only re-stitching will be done. I further pointed out to him that the stitching of the other shoe was also about to break. He said that he will take the shoes and send them to workshop for repairs.
4. At this juncture I asked from him the name of his senior officer or manager to whom I can make a complaint. But he told me that he is the only man to be contacted nd no one is his senior there, I had asked him to give any contact detail of Sreeleathers he had given me the no of his own outlet no which is given on to the bill, I had tried so many unsuccessful tries bt that no was not going throught. After that I again approach Mr Manas tis time he told me that u don’t know any thing wherever u wana go ( consumer forum) just go I am nt going to give any body else no and even not going to replace the defective shoes. I told even told him that I am a regular user of shreeleathers products I shown him my belt,wallet bt he was not ready to listen any thing.
5. In utter disgust, i told him so many times that it is just 10 day before I purchased this shoe, but he was simply passing time and did nothing. This is the way they behave with customers.
6. I am very much disappointed with their attitude. I am making this complaint with a hope that they will take appropriate action in this regard so that in future no customer shall be entertained in such a manner that he feels himself cheated in purchase of a product of such a reputed company at their outlet.
7. I am unable to comprehend as to âWhere is the quality control of products of Sreeleathersâ. â a so – called âworld class, right priceâ organization.
In view of the above facts, I request for replacement of shoes or refund of the amount of Rs. 740/- within the time period of 15 days. If they are not going to provide me any help in this time period, I will be constrained to file my complaint in Consumer Forum against their Service Centre. Hope, they will take action in this regard at the earliest

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