Sri varee rooms ,Coimbatore,opp to KMCH hosipitals Cheating and threatening

I decided to stay in the rental rooms in Sri varee. I was instructed to pay 500rs rent in advance for every next day I was staying there. So I followed the rule and stayed for 4 days and the advance amount for fourth day was given by me to the manager around 10. To 10.30 p.m he made a note of it in my recipet and placed initials. He said he will take note of it in his receipt book and I went back to room. Next day I was vacating the room around after noon and I was asked to give 500 rupee for that day. I told I payed my advance yesterday and they failed to believe me and started stating I wrote it by myself on the receipt and cheating. I described what happened and who I gave it to and asked them to review it on the CCTV footage. But they failed to do that and called the person I mentioned and he arrived at the scene. As soon as he came he started to shout at me in vulger words and started to threaten me saying he will tie me up and beat me up if I don’t pay the amount !
and started to state me as a fraud. I couldn’t prove to them the truth since they won’t let me view the CCTV footage. I gave them the money they threatened from me. After I left few mins altter a worker from the room follwed me and saw me on the road and gave me money and apologized for the fraud they pulled. It makes me sick how people lose humanity for money and there is no authority to show them it’s wrong.

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