Star Health Insurance PATHETIC

I would like to let you know that inpsite of my many MILLION complaints to REMOVE MY NUMBER from your database, that you and your wonderful people who CANNOT EVEN SPEAK A WORD OF ENGLISH will still call me every other day to speak the utter rubbish that they do. You will possibly lose every customer, if inspite of being an existing customer if you keep on having your tele calling girls to keep calling and being such a nuisance, disturbance and waste of time.

When i told the millionth caller my concerns again all she had to say was ‘Will you refer Star Health Insurance to your friends’ – I mean??? No acknowledgement of my complain whatsoever and instead asking me this? PATHETIC, DISGUSTING and SHAMEFUL to say the least and be the most decent that I can be at this stage.

How can every single person who has called me after all my blasting sessions still not ensure my number is removed? I’ve event asked if speaking in French would help them ( !!! to understand that I DO NOT WANT TO BE CALLED) but yet, every other day I will get a call from an absolutely terrible girl who speaks terrible English or will start rattling off in Tamil like a broken tape recorder rattle off her talk line. And reading all the above negative reviews affirms and confirms that I or my family should never go with Star Health Insurance.

Simply pathetic!! ( I would say this a million times ).

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