STAR INDIA , STAR PLUS They are Promoting Sexism By Not taking Sanaya Irani as Female lead in the new Season of IPKKND

IPKKND Is the Most Popular Indian TV Show In India & In Abroad Also.People Still Cherish Arnav-Khushi (Barun-Sanaya) Moments From This Show Even after 5years of it being Off-air.Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani Are Equally Responsible For this Show’s Success…Sarun(Sanaya-Barun) magical Chemistry is The only thing because of which Ipkknd Is Still ruling Our Hearts & Minds…But They are Making Another Sequel of Ipkknd with the Same Male lead(Barun Sobti), Same Surname & Acronym of the male lead, Same BG music Rabba Ve, Even the Producer Gul khan Openly Admitted in a recent interview, that she Will Copy Scenes From Ipkknd too! They Even have the Same Calligraphy (The Way Show’s Name Is Written)! Gul Khan also used Ageism Against Sanaya…FYI Sanaya is Born in September 1983 & Barun in August 1984 there is less Than One year Age gap between Them but Anyway She Used it Against Sanaya Saying She needs Younger Actress but Gul khan Conveniently Forgot that!
Sanaya Acted as an 18year old In Ipkknd(Arnav-Khushi) & In Her Previous Show Rangrasia & She Aced That Character even Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has Acknowledged this Recently! After this Gul Khan Said Offensive things About Sanaya Irani In Her Instagram Handle…Gul Khan Has Always been Harsh With Any Fan who Even Ask About Sarun(Barun-Sanaya) This Is Definitely Not How a Producer Should Behave! She mocked & Bashed Sarun Fans All these years…Sarun Fans are All Over the World…Everyone gets Enchanted by Sarun Chemistry & In turn they Love Indian Culture… But is this our Culture to Treat Foreigners like This?! Now In her New Interviews Gul Khan is Saying That Sanaya Irani is Not "Fit" for the Role & She compared Ipkknd To James Bond Series Saying in That They change the Heroine…According to Gul khan… Sanaya,Who got International Recognition for her Unique Acting is Not Fit For A Role But A Newbie Shivani Tomar Who G! ot thrown out of Every Show of hers for her nonexistent Acting!
Skills is Fit?! & IPKKND Is Not Any James Bond Show It’s a Romantic Show On the other hand She Is Dismissing an Extremely Talented Actress like Sanaya Irani Whose Acting As Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada Became Iconic, as An Inconsequential Sex-symbol such as A James Bond Films’ Heroine?!!! What An Irony! In one Hand We Talk About Gender Equality On the Other Hand These things Are Happening in Indian Television Industry Where An Actress is Denied of Her Own Show On The Basis Of Ageism & Sexism & What Is Most Shocking is An Reputed multinational company like STAR INDIA Knows Everything but is Doing Nothing! If you go to STAR’s Social Networking Sites(Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, YouTube) You will see Overwhelming Numbers of People are Protesting About Not Taking Sanaya Irani as Female Lead in Ipkknd3 Even In unrelated Posts! & Not just People From India but All Over the World! Some Solo Sexist Fans Are using abusive language to these people!
but Star Is Blind to Those Instead they are Deleting comments from Protesting fans! I don’t understand why they even Ask For Feedback If they don’t Want to know how Audience feel??? They are Hurting the viewers beyond limit!!! & This Ageism & Sexism Thing is Really Disgusting & It Shows Our Mindset… Doesn’t Talent means Anything???!!! If this thing happens then it will give a Very Bad message to the world about Indian Tv provided that Almost everyone knows About the Dirty Conspiracy behind it…I hope You Will Take Rightful Action to Stop This Show or Bring Sanaya Irani In her Deserving position in the Show as A Main lead. Thanking You
A Sincere Indian 🇮

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