In diya aur baati hum 2, they are promoting child marriage by making payal to marry a photo. Is this a marriage? The star plus tag line is soch nayi. Is this a nayi soch in supporting a child marriage. If nayi sich was there mean they must had taken some steps against child marriage.
And the worst part is making forced marriage. Uma forcefully married kanak and all are encouraging it. If this serial shows this type of marriage as right thing then rape is also the right thing. Because i don’t feel there is a difference between forced marriage and rape. Star plus nayi soch is promoting forced marriage and also girls should follow everything what her in laws says. Why everyone is treating that maanmaryada in clothes. It just her clothes not her character. By daughter in law should wear sari. Why star plus is showing such type of old customs. By the way the dress worn by kanak was decent one. But they made her to wear sari. And we are living in 2017. They are showing like its 80s.
Is this a message star plus is giving to youngsters. If a girl says its no. But here they are showing its right to marry forcefully a girl and later you can rule her life. She will follow you. Please star plus, change the story. Dont show such type of stories. Please make girls characters to be stronger. I liked everest serial. It was shown in a perfect way. The girls dream and her achievements.

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