star vijay Please be responsible

I have to say I’m a long time fan of Vijay tv. I have been proud to be a fan since kana kalangal I watch every shows with appreciation. I want to express as a fan my concern to your channel. Please have social responsibility in shows, you all are in business for people and all your success is because of individuals who watch your shows. In return you are changing lives and making great dreams happen I can see that, at the same time I’m seeing in reality shows that nothing is like representing our tamil tradition or culture. Its happening like the tv channel is situated in america or in a foreign country.
I’m saying this because as a tamil channel claiming that you are saving tamil language where is the responsibility in morality?? its ok even if you all speak English or any foreign languages in your tv channel as long as everyone is dressed up properly at least to promote our tamil traditions and culture. I’m not trying to say that innovations are all bad but anything is possible in vijay tv. If your channel can make revolutions why cant you do that in being in front by also promoting our tamil culture and traditions in speech and dress code. I see too much double meaning speeches of announcers, they are not giving space for people to speak. Also the reality shows must concentrate on dress codes and stage decency. Its not fun or entertaining its disgusting! I liked the early days where announcers made fun in a good way now the participants and announcers all have forgotten the camera also the eyes minds that watches them.
Please change this, if you all are powerful enough. I wish you all can make a difference on the path to preserve our unique tamil culture that it is not narrow minded to be like that in fact it is the highest broad minded way to form a great young society with social responsibility to preserve morality.

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