Dear Star maa,

Why is a daughter or daughter-in-law always tortured physically or emotionally in your serials? Are we portraying women are weaklings? Isn’t that the irony? On one side, Star speaks about supporting the diversity and supporting women’s rights and on the other hand you broad cast serials where most of the ladies are villains and always harbor grudge towards their daughters or daughters-in-laws. Let’s dissect the serials one at a time:
Karthika Deepam – Firstly the leading male character is useless, and constantly for hundreds of episodes he’s under the spell of his mother who is wicked for most of the part (who actually slaps his son’s friend and to my surprise the friend takes it very casually) and tortures the daughter-in-law, discriminates her based on the color (aren’t we being racist?) takes back to back revenge on a helpless daughter-in-law.
Moral of the story: Independent woman is racist, narcissist, self-centered, wicked, ruthless and ready to humiliate any one
Kumkuma Puvvu – Also another wicked mother-in-law and too dumb daughter-in-law who doesn’t have any other job other than taking revenge on each other… typically it’s a revenge drama.
Moral of the story: Women are wicked and equality is a myth
Koilamma – Is sheer nonsense that has gone into an extreme degree of cruelty where even children are not spared from this nuisance. Child villains and wicked step mothers, fathers and even uncles… Going forward I’d not be surprised even if they show father molesting a child or uncle molesting a child
Moral of the story: We basically live in a society where everything can be bought with money and step mother is always BAD
Lakshmi Kalyanam – Same story repeats, daughter-in-law meets mother-in-law and they have a mutual hatred as always and no other job other than plotting revenge.
Moral of the story: Women are either weak or wicked and there’s no chance of friendship between anyone.
STOP POLLUTING THE MINDS OF Children and adults who are watching your shows… If not educating… atleast make them entertaining.

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