State Bank of India Increase in EMI of Education Loan w/o information / consent

I had availed an Education Loan of Rs. 4,00,000 (Rupees Four Lakhs only) from SBI, Jaipur for my daughter’s education in June, 2011.
The repayment of 84 EMI @ Rs.7168 (rounded 7200 & 7500) was being paid by myself. On 22nd July, 2017 I visited the C-Scheme branch to get the Interest certificate for the year 2016-17 and was conveyed that the EMI due was Rs. 11000 and not Rs. 7500 per month. I visited the RACP, SBI branch to inquire about this and my EMI was reduced again to Rs. 7541/-. The reasons for all this was not conveyed to me and I am not convinced by this.
All this raising and reducing the EMI was not intimated to me. This sort of careless behavior was not expected from the reputed bank like SBI.
The customer cannot monitor his online account and for every statement one has to visit the branch.
Kindly convey the reasons for this alterations and why it was not conveyed to the beneficiary?.
Hywyn Richard Singh
F/O Emerine Singh
E. Loan A/c No. 31798639107

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