Sterling Holidays Worst service and exorbitant prices of annual maintenace

My membership id for sterling holiday is 1210186. Annual maintenance charges has increased from 6000 INR to 11,113 in last 5 years which is more than any banks or fix deposit can pay. Moreover, once you check in at resort, you need to pay for utility. Add this to the membership and you can see that this is just business of making property at cost of customer. When you just add up interest on membership plus all the charges, you can see that you can very well stay in 5 star instead.
Now coming to problem. I received sms and calls in August’17 that I need to pay penalty of 1,143 Rs for late payment of annual charges. I told them that in 2016, I had received mail in October’16 based on which payment was made and hence payment due cannot be earlier than October’17 for annual amenity charges.They informed that as per that record it is due in Aug and hence the charges. When I sent complain attaching their own October’16 intimation, I received response saying that mail is not registered. Again I reached their call center, and informed them of the problem who then told that my email id was not the one from which I have reaised complaint or where earlier correspondence was received. When I argued that I have been receiving mails till 2016 on same id, they informed me o the email id which had one letter missing from my actual id. They now want me to send update request but maintain that I need to pay for penalty. Won’t be surprised if! this scoundrels even levy penalty on penalty at compounded rate.
They get tonnes of paper signed during membership with fine lined conditions and since year of membership realise that Sterling failed to brief adequately of maintenance charges or give projection of charges that they will be levying during tenure of membership. Also, they are illegally manipulating customer data to extract more charges (like change of email id in my case). Proof of intimation from 2016 is attached and you all can see that due date cannot be earlier than 28 Oct’17 for annual amenity charges.

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