Sukhdev singh house number 56 neighbor He has taken wrong pipeline infront of my house gate and has cemented the area with bricks and cement and has made a big pillar infront of my house

Respected sir

I am a resident of house number 62 paras nagar babyal ambala cantt and suffering from this from last 3 months and i have also got my car damaged due to this cause only my neighbour mr. Sukhdev singh resident of house number 56 is creating problems for me from last so many years now he has taken a wrong pipeline from right infront of my gate and has maded pillar around that pipeline so that i cant park my car in my house garage he already has a car which he park in his house but. He has also parked somebody else car on the road the owner of that car lives in sadar bazaar area and has parked his car here. And doesn’t move it at all. If anybody wants to cross from our street i always have to adjust my car sometimes i have to park it on the main road and sometimes infront of somebody else house. I can’t even park my car in my house because the turning radius is not that much that is needed by a car. The car parked right in front of my property not even is his own. And!
whenever we asked politely to move that car or repair that pillar he just starts shouting i will kill your dog he shits over my house and even my dog doesn’t even goes out. He also hit 3 or 4 months year old puppy with an iron rod while they sleep under that car or just rome around his house sir please i request you to make a solution of my problem so that i can easily park my vehicle in my house some things are not to be told. But this man always talk to women and watches them even when they are alone in their home. Please kindly resolve my problem

Yours truly
Michael Tom. Owner of house number 62 paras nagar babyal ambala cantt

Contact number 9728680372

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