Swipemartindia.com Fraud online transactions

On 19th July, 2018 on of your representatives had called from the mobile number 7065999595 and informed me that I am eligible for the prize from your website and could choose between Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Dell laptop. I had selected the Apple iPhone 7 plus and they had asked me to pay Rs. 5,600.00 as 50 % of the GST amount for the product. This payment was made on 19th July, 2018. Since then the person who had called from this number does not pick up my call.
Then on 23rd July, 2018 another representative had called from the number 9891105547 and told me that they were going to ship the product and I had to pay the courier and insurance charges. Based on the confirmation of the person calling I was asked to pay Rs. 7,000.00 and this amount was paid on 23rd July, 2018. The person was supposed to share the docket number of the consignment and this took about two days after which he gave an Airway Bill No. of Aramex courier. On verifying this AWB No. on the tracking site it said it was an invalid number. After that till date the calls to this number from my mobile are not answered. I would have tried calling more than 50 times and even though the phone rings the call is not answered.
I have sent several mails to the registered mail ID of swipemartindia but very few were replied to and some were replied saying the issue would be resolved at the earliest.
Then on 8th September, 2019 there was a call from another number 9266667057 saying that they are going to refund the money. The story narrated was that the courier company had damaged the product in transit and the same was returned to your office. You company had claimed the insurance for the product and the company was going to refund me a total amount of Rs. 1,50,500.00 towards the amounts already paid, cost of the iPhone and insurance received. The story narrated was that the amount would be paid in three installments of Rs. 50,166.00 each with the first installment on 10th July, 2nd on 12th July an the 3rd on 14th July. For this they asked me to pay a security of Rs. 15,050.00 which would be refunded with the first installment. The so called manager by name Ms. Sruthi had taken total ownership to resolve the issue and had also given her personal number 9355292244 which I could contact anytime if the refund does not happen. This amount of Rs. 15,050.00 as paid on 8th S! eptember, 2018.

From then on I have been trying to contact Ms. Sruthi and very conveniently she is avoiding my calls. Even though she had told me this was her personal number the number is pick by others who have no idea of the refund. On 12th September, 2018 another gentleman has called from another number 9891072230 saying the refund is going to happen. He had told me that he will be informing me 3 cheque number and for each cheque number I have to pay Rs. 5000.00 each for the process to be completed and then the refund would happen. I disagreed with this idea and asked this person to tell Ms. Sruthi to speak to me. She has been continuously avoiding me since then.
In short the entire episode is turning out to be a fraud and swipemartindia is a fraudulent online marketing store. All those people who call from different numbers are either not your staff or they are frauds working for your company to swindle money. A total of Rs. 27,650.00 has been paid by me so far and incase I do not get the entire refund you had promised this will be referred to the appropriate forum.
George V George

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