162,Golden Enclave near icche wala road,Firozepur city Illegal speed breaker

I am living in Golden Enclave near icche wala road
one person living in 162,Golden Enclave near icche wala road had made illegal speed breaker which is so huge and had injured so many people so kindly fix the issue soon

10 Rs. Coins Government provided bus services are not accepting 10 rupee coins

Government provided bus services are not accepting 10 rupee coins in my city what to do
today morning i was travelling by bus and ticket was 68 we gave 10 rupee coins and conductor said we can accept maximum 2 10 rupee coins not all why even government provided services not accepting real currency then how can local public will

10 Rs. Coins 10rs coins are refused by SBI Banks in hyderabad

when i went to bank to deposit about 2000rs in my account of 10rs coins in secunderabad they resfused to deposit it and they are telling that that we will not deposit your money. There is no any circulation,notice ,or regulation about banning of 10rs coins from RBI.even they are giving silly excuses in home branch that we are not having space for the 10rs coins.
when i said to them that if you have any notice regarding this then show me but instead of showing notice to me or making any clarification to me the staff members are saying that dont argue with us just take your money and get away from here.
Its my humble request to RBI that please take severe action regarding this issue for all the banks who are behaving like this with their customer…

10 Rs. Coins Non-Acceptance of 10 rupee coins

10 rupee coins are not even accepted by auto driver. If we are telling that this circulation is valid and legal they are telling that from us no one is taking so we don’t take. From this we can observe that the faulty rumours like this are right from the top.
So please make a change from top then these like innocent people would come to know.

10 Rs. Coins Rs 10 coin not accepted in pune Maharashtra

Why always a common man has to suffer.
I am facing difficulties while using money as i have 10 rs coin coming from my small scale buisness but i am not able to use. few incidents i came across are
10rs coin not accepted at pune central mall, restaurants in pune, indian oil petrol pump at market yard, infact no one in pune is accepting coins.
its getting very difficult bcoz of demonetization first and now this coin thing.
pls answer us what should we do and how should we survive as people will stop taking money legalised by the government.todays its this tomorrow it will be something else. please resove it bcoz i feel this is the problem people are facing in all over india