ACT varying speed and download

Act promising 40MBPS for plan Act Swift but giving only 30MBPS-35MBPS. Whenever the cusotmer checks and raises complaint they fix otherwise slowly they tend to do this action on every plan customer opted for.this is my 2-3 complaints they fix every time but it happens regularly. This shows they are deliberately doing this action which is actually cheating customer everytime.

ACT Service Bad

Respected Sir,
With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that the internet connection is down from the last few days. I have made several calls on your number but no one answered my calls. As you know I am a (SHARE TRADING EVERY DAY. ( THIS CONNECTION IS SERVER FOR MY OFFICE )and most of my work is done online and for that, I need a proper internet connection throughout the day. This is not a professional way to run a business. (Every time no proper service & support ur end.) , BANGALORE TEAM’S WORST SERVICE
You need a proper customer service department. I always pay my dues within time and still, I have to face such issues. It would be highly appreciated if you respond you my complaint as soon as possible.

Thank you.

ACT New Connection not Activated

Act new connection not activated hence want to close

My Account number is ############. I paid Rs 4103 on 03/Sep/2019 for new broadband connection for 3 months thru UPI. since I paid the payment online no one is responding properly. I contacted multiple times customer care they answered just to cut the call for now or they make to wait for more 15 minutes and they cut the call. Till now, the connection is not activated. I completely fed up with ACT service. I do not want to continue with ACT close my account and refund the money rs 4103 I paid.

Today also your sales guy had called me and ask me to open a new connection on some other name, you people are keen to collect money but not providing the connection as told.

Just because a salesperson told me to make UPI payment now customer service telling UPI payment won’t work here so they are asking me to take new connection

Multiple requests were sent to Act customer care mail ids to close my account and pay the refund amount Rs 4103. The saddest part is they are replying to my multiple emails even nodal officer and APPELLATE AUTHORITY and they didn’t even raise an escalation or ticket for my complaint. I never expected this from the company like the ACT.
Worst customer service

They will be at your doorstep next minute when you enquire about new connection once payment is done they won’t even pick your call to respond to your message

I’m attaching my UPI transaction details

+91 ###

ACT poor service . around rs 4000 waste

Kailasam Munisekhar <[email protected]> 9:59 AM (6 hours ago)
to Support
My name is surendra from Tirupathi ,Andhra Pradesh
My Nuber :9989856996
From Two days onwards our Net is not working . i request our staff to ratify because we need to file Income tax Returns of our client .Till now there are not take single steps to ratify my problem and simply say raise the complaints and give mail id
sir just think from 2days onwards no Net how to provide service to client that to only 2days for filing of income tax returns
i think our staff colleting money by way of fraud. compare with your staff and services pakistan terrorist are better . your staff intentionally create inconvence and stop the services to public lead underdeveloded INDIA.

ACT Act – Pathetic experience


My name is Srinivas. My mobile number is 9849312687. My Act Fibernet connection was disconnected as I did not pay the bill till yesterday. I paid my Internet connection bill yesterday (8/14). Below is the Payment receipt details. Still my connection is not restored. I have been continuously trying to reach the call center but no use. When I try to chat on the support it still shows that I have not paid the bill and the account is suspended. This is a pathetic service. You are indirectly forcing people like me move to your competitors. Reaching out to the call center representative is the toughest job with Act Fibernet. Please do the needful and restore my connection at the earliest.

Received fromSRINIVAS SARMA .
Account Number############
Payment NumberP1-7912386
Date of Payment2019-08-13 15:01:32
Transaction Reference numberBBPSPT01STYOWX9T
AmountRs 796.50
Transaction detailsBillpayment

ph: 9849312687

ACT Broadband

ACT Account No.############
Everytime there is a power cut, i do not hace internet access, though i have an inverter at home, since the problem is battery at service provider’s point. And this has been the case for almost 5 months together, inspite of repeated complaints. Complaint is raised and is unilaterally closed at service provider’s end without resolving the issue. And as i can see from this portal, ‘resolving complaints unilaterally’ itself seems to be a big complaint against ACT!! Wonder how a good service provider a couple of years ago, behaves this way now. Payment is upfront for a year trusting the company, but it seems to let down each time now. Would definitely seriously rethink when time for renewal comes. Latest compaint number is SR 10311914669874
Will anyone do the needful immediately??!!
Beats the purpose of paying upfront and having good connectivity and instead wasting time being behind the company’s customer care. Thoroughly disappointed

ACT Re-location issue for ACT

My Account Number :############
Register mobile number :9182072940
Account holder name :Murali
Raised Ticket Number : SR10110160191167


I am facing big issue because of you. Please don’t give any false promises to the customer.
I have raised request for RE-LOCATION. Almost 6 to 7 days completed but no one taking any action on this issue.
Almost i have called to support team() more than 12 times for addressing this issue but no use, every time getting updated like within 24 hours issue is resolved(FALSE promise).

Document verification is done by 4 days back. That time i got update from him like " ISSUE RESOLVED BY TODAY". Now one week completed but issue not resolved.

Below mentioned ACT technician guys behavior not good.

Name : Govind and his mobile number : 7032962443
This guy talking very rude with me and mentioned like address is wrong. My question is if my address is wrong "HOW DOCUMENTS ARE COLLECTED BY YOUR TEAM".

Name : Raju and his mobile number : 8688507102
This guy called me and mentioned like will come in few minutes. But he didn’t came, then i have called to his number but not reached because he switched off his mobile.

Final feedback is ACT is more than worst. My suggestion to new customers "Please don’t use ACT".

I know you people wont take any action on this. But it will help to some one before taking new connection.