ACT Fibernet Sales person cheats
This is Selvakumar M.R.K. (ACT USER ID : ############). I have booked the MDRACT Gold connection on 30th July 2018 to 28.02.2019 (ie) for a period of 214 days and paid an amount of Rs,6657/-. I have not recharged before the date of completion, since my son was preparing for +2 examination. But service provider not cut the service after 214 days and generated a bill amount Rs. 634.26 and it shown as payment due on my account.

One of the ACT sales person Name Pandirajan (6382 132 141) contacted me to recharge. I inform him that I won’t pay for the bill generated after the prepaid due date and it should not be shown as debit in my account. The same thing he informed to ACT head office and he promised that you do not pay the due created after the prepaid date and he collected for new plan amount for a period of six months duly changing the plan and I paid an amount of Rs. 4241/-.
Once again the same amount shown as due, when I contacted the sale person Pandiarajan, he said that I will contact the head office and call you back. But till date he is not calling me and the net disconnected due to that payment and he is not at all responding.
I request you to take necessary action and render justice. For your reference I hereby attach the details of payment bills sent by ACT fibernet.

My registered mobile number is 9843591434.

ACT Fibernet Internet not working

It has been almost 4 days over. Still my broadband connection is not working and no proper responses from your field team . This is repeatedly happening for every month. That too especially after 10th of every month. If u want please cross check with my previous complaints raised so far from your records. Many times the connectivity issues got resolved after 4-5 days. I am paying the bill every month including those broadband non connectivity days too. I am also getting messages from your end to give referrals from my side for broadband connection. Howcome I will refer if the service is this much poor ? I holded my friends circle too whom I referred before for your broadband services. I can’t pay the bill for the days of non connectivity and i need a permanent solution or else let me know, I will shift to other available broadband networks & take appropriate next level steps of escalations.

These are some of previous complaint registered details.

September, 2018 = SR10318943580

December, 2018 = SR1031873053632

February 2019 = SR1033037325991

April (present) = SR1035059089852

Your service engineer is requesting me not to reopen the closed request for which the issue was not got resolved. But even after co operating, he is not responding for my calls, still issues are not resolved. One of your team had committed me to visit my home by today before 10.30am, but still no responses. Very worst services.

ACT Fibernet Doesn't disconnect even after 4 requests in a months span

This company is run by crooked team. They have such an bullshit policy against disconnection.. I raised the request on 28th Jan 2019, it was a long annoying call saying they will do anything to fix the issue etc.. I said i have done hearing their false claims and just disconnect the service already. I removed the broadboand connection on same day. They said i will not be charged any additional fees.

After 7 days i kept getting calls saying we can resolve the service issues.. i did inform them to disconnect right away. They took no action.. After the month they generated one months bill saying i need to pay feb month as service was still active..

If the person was in front of me i sure would have punched him.. If i were in united states i would have sued the bloody company for thousands of dollars for sheer mental trauma with each phone calls.

They hold no accountability and try to grab every penny they could find..


It has been 11 days since I paid and registered for act WiFi 6 month plan. WiFi still hasn’t been installed in my building.

First, sales people promised me 3 days Installation time and I bought it. Then customer care people told me it’s maximum 7 days. I have waited.

Everyday I call customer care and they promise me by end of day it will be done. And in evening when I call to ask why it’s not been done, they say that by next day it will be done. Now they have started putting me on hold and hanging up on me.

Today customer care tells me my owner has issues with WiFi installation in building but I have asked my owner and he’s completely fine with it. He has no objections. Even if this was the case, why did they make me wait for 11 days to tell me this? Also, isn’t the act team responsible to inform me if there is some blocker on my end so that I can act on the same?

I am tired of false promises, new excuses, calling customer service everyday twice and delay in installation. I have tried reaching the nodal officer but the number seems to be busy always. I can’t even convey to you how unprofessional the customer service has been.

Please help me get some resolution. At least arrange a callback for me. Soumya
Account no. ############

ACT Fibernet Connectivity issue

Act is the only worst service provider throughout the world. I got the connection last month. Till now I made more 10k calls to customer care. And raised many number of Tickets.
Out of 30 days. I didn’t get internet period of 1day with continuous.
Act is the worst worst worst worst and they don’t respond to your calls. Let me explain public clearly.
For new connection, sales team will teach you, they’ll engage technical team and they’ll provide connection. After that what ever issue you face, these sales persons and technical support people no body will care you. They just don’t lift your calls. If you call customer care they take 24 hrs to take service request and resolution means uhh there is no response after that. For me I gave 4000 rupees and simply shame on them bloody ***** service.

ACT Fibernet ACT FIBENET executives cheating customers to sell connections

I stay in ramamurthy nagar, tc palya main road. I have been getting calls from last 2months asking me to take new connection, last month a person named Srinivas from Act called me and said if I take a connection that day I will not be charged installation fees and I can join the act by paying 800 rs and this 800 will be the bill for first month. Firstly connection started only 4 days after running behind the executive. Executive expects that customer should call them every hour, finally connection started and within two days I got a invoice saying I need to pay the bill for two days that I used. Then where did my 800 go. serously I feel cheated. Regards

ACT Fibernet Improper installation

Dear Act Team,

I have obtained a new connection in my name, with regd mobile no. as 7674013380/8887911430 in New Delhi – Neb Sarai, Freedom Fighter enclave.
Though the installation team has installed on 25th Aug’2018 and full amount paid for 6 months package on 23rd Aug’2018.
However, the wifi router provided to me is of such low quality that it is not able to cover my entire house of 800 sq ft when WiFi router is placed centrally in the house. My mobile device is not able to barely catch even 7-8 foot from the router. Such a shame on the low quality WiFi router provided by you.
Regarding this I had raised concern in Delhi customer care ticket no. being 11018280103, however closed within the TAT without solving the problem. What kind of service is this !? Hence, I have reopened the ticket no. as of now.
Now refund my complete amount taken for 6 months package as promised by sales executive of ACT FIBERNET as per the company’s policy.
There are tons of other broadband providers in the locality. I shall get a better new connection of another ISP provider, rather than pathetic ACT.
Nodal office is requested to please take note of this. This would serve as written evidence in case of further legal actions, if required.
I have registered 20-25 complaints for refund but no one is listening from this pathetic ACT team. Refund the amount of Rs 5303 immediately.

Antariksh Gupta

What would I do with your apology. I pay money , you provide broadband. Simple !
But for last 2 days, broadband is not working in Freedom Fighter Enclave. Great Service ! Forget addressing my WiFi range issue , thats too far to be solved. And my money is in ACT ‘s bank a/c.
Nodal office is sleeping as usual.

Antariksh Gupta
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Where is the refund ? Be ready to receive legal notice now. Enough is Enough. Show quoted text
Kindly refund the full amount to me within 24 hours from now: Name : Antariksh Gupta
Bank: HDFC Bank
Account number: 02961530003699

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Kindly refund the full amount to me within 24 hours from now: Name : Antariksh Gupta
Bank: HDFC Bank
Account number: 02961530003699
Amount : Rs 5303/-
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I have made a payment of Rs 3800 to ACT FOR AN OFFER THAT PROVIDES FREE WIFI and 6months of internet service ,the payment is made on 6th April and I haven’t received a connection so far,as per terms and conditions it takes them 15 days for connection but i have waited till 24th of April which is nearly 20 days ,i have complained thrice but its of no use.I have made a registration on 7396067411.