Act Fibernet hyderabad Transfer Request Pending

Hello Team,

I had requested for a transfer of the connection from one place to another. Also requested for the transfer of ownership as well.

First request number – SR1012861906872
Closed without any action for 5 days.
I created a new SR- SR1013041698853 on 8th feb, still no action from the team.
Could you please provide the action immediately? The service is becoming pathetic day by day. I hope you get back to where you were at serving people!



Issue with GST Number updation in the Bills

We have taken the connection in the month of July-2017 after GST and we have provided all the required documents to the Executive while taking the connection, including GST registration certificate. We are paid till then and finally we find GST No was not updated.
We had called customercare regarding the same and they given information your GST not updated after our approach. there is no single mail or phonecall to update GST no in the website. And confirmed to me to visit near branch they can give solution.
Accordingly have visited SD Road.Secunderabad Branch and explained the issue. At that time on a call to executive who was given the connection confirmed the GST was updated on same day itself. Concluding that the branch person MR.ASHOK confirmed to me after a discussion with Billing team, you will get all GST updated Bills till DEC-2017 to registered mail. Finally, received bill for only DEC-month and a confirmation call from ACT that you are updated GST in website this month so we cannot provide previous.
There is no clarity at all with the team handled and no proper reply or response. Kindly let me know the solution can be expected.