Aditya Bharat Gas Agency HOPE LESS / MANNER LESS STAFF

Since long period this agency is providing VERY BAD services on following ground – NO proper ANSWERS from the staff (They are very Rude to customers)
We try to talk them in polite way but because of there pathetic replies we are tired
Even after doing the booking every time CUSTOMER only has to call for a request of delivery if Gas Cylinder IN OUR AREA many peoples are fade-up due to there service
Inspite of follow-ups NO Timely deliveries even after requesting

Like to highlight an inside of today – The booking for No. 176443 is done before approx. 20 days & We are doing a follow-up from last 2days but, the delivery person didn’t turnup, when we did complaint in Office in morning the staff member told that he will delivery within an hour But, till 2.15P.M. no one turned-up. I called Mr. Rajesh (no. provided by agency person) told that he will come for the delivery in evening & when I did cross questing He Yelled like anything saying that is NON of your business to ask us that what our person is acting & he just disconnected the call harshly AND at 2.50p.m. they delivered the cylinder. From This you can understand the MENTAL Harassment they give to CONSUMERS.

I am sending this complaint hoping that this complaint will smooth the operation & should not create more hardales to Us.