AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Activation of Channels Pack

Complaint Number:63118693
Date of Complaint: 16-July-2017
Customer ID Number: 3011959504
Issue:Activation of English movies channels without my information for three months.
I had deactivated the English movies channel in March, even though it has got activated without my information.
Further i had lodged a complaint on 26 July with complaint number 63118693, I was said that they shall get back to me by one day, which they didnt, again i had called on 19-July and they had asked me to wait for 12 hours that someone from customer care shall call me and till date i have not received the call. Please solve the issue and refund the amount.

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Up gradation from Family Pack to Infinity

I had initially booked family pack through internet on 04 Aug 17. On calling your customer care the customer care agent is not aware of the issues he held me for more than 3 minutes for three times. after the second hold I could sense the difficulty of the Airtel DTH agent hence I put the call on record and requested for superior. He said.. and it was hilarious suggestion that the family pack is a great pack he is vouching for it and I should continue watching this for one Year and then plan to change. On insisting he said this also not possible due to my account balance which is 816 Rs hence I cannot upgrade. I then asked how much difference do I pay he said it wont help. He kept holding me for supervisor and in last after 5 min + wait he told me he is going to get me a call back in 4 hours. Which I am sure will materialize. I think he ll give me an excuse of reaching and unable. A really poor state of Affairs at Airtel.In Next 4 hours if I ll not recieve the call I ll uplo!
ad the audio between self and Airtel Agent for your convenience. My account no is 3023092590-001

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV unauthorized suspended of digital tv

I have a airtel digital tv connection, Id No. 3022659228 (1 & 2), I had recharge by Rs. 1925/- for No. 2 connection for the next one year from the month of July, 2018, but No. 1 connection has stopped due low balance from today i.e. 08.08.2018, but all on a sudden my connection No. 2 stopped without assigning any valid reason, though I has kept sufficient balance in my connection No. 2, So, it is my request, please take immediate steps to restore my connection No. 2 within the perview of Central Government Rule.
Tarun Sengupta, 09732406459


Sir / Madam ,
I had recharged my airtel digital TV , ID No – 3018717092 Of rupees 200/- ( Two hundred)only on date 08/08/2017 through SBI anywhere personal (Internet banking ) transaction ID – UH17621204 ( oper ref – 20838951670808201719 ) .Already money has deducted from my SBI a/c. But recharge is not sucessful by Airtel. Kindly, solve my problem as soon as possible for which i shall be ever grateful to You.

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Service failure of Dish TV Installation

Hi There,

I’m using your services since 2015 and Im a regular customer of airtel network pay/recharge on time but 5 days ago I made a complain regarding my dish TV ID : 3018852422 to install my dish TV, spoken regularly 4 days with some stupid who works in your company who tells lots of lie that it will be installed by tomorrow. Not only this, someone from your customer service apologized me for the delay and offered me free installation after rechargingâ of Rs. 450. But my ##### dish tv is not installed yet and again I wasted my whole day, no one came. Spoken again with your team and get a bloody promise that it will be installed by tomorrow and disagreed to no installation charge. What the hell your team is doing. If you really do something for your customer then install my dish TV by tomorrow and who was that idiot told me that no installation charge need to pay after recharge of rs. 450 and they change when i paid it. I want all these my question to be cleared. Is it your hell service you provide to your customer????

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Stopping of recording function

My Airtel TV Customer ID : 3005256080

I paid Rs 200/- on 24.12.2016 for recording function ( Rs 180/- is for full year ) for more than a year. But, you’ve stopped my recording function on 26.05.2017 much before expiry and then i again paid Rs 100/- on 26.05.2017 to start my recording function which is basically blackmail from your side.
Again, your co. stopped my recording function on 26.08.2017 much before expiry of recording function on Dec’17.
I’ve called your Customer Care no. on 21.08.2017, 26.08.2017 and again on 27.08.2017 but no one helped me in restarting my recording function. Rather, your Co. executive was again asking for payment.
Your executive informed me that they have refunded my Rs 180/- on 08.01.2017 as per transaction no. 12033760 which is wrong information given by your executive.
Please restart my recording function or don’t force me to go to customer court.
– Shekhar Nigam
M: 9075840141

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Pathetic Customer Service

Hi ,

my customer id is:3012118500 , i have been customer with you guys from last 3 years and i always have worst customer service with you guys, the reps on the customer service don’t even know the words of the customer service, 64498940,64624508,64699445 these are the best examples for the awesome service provided by you guys from last 10 days and i am calling from overseas every single day same scripted messages and false promises been made by rep, Managers and every one and its be a wonderful customer service you guys are providing and i have be deducted with 700 rupees and its still not been credited back to my account and i will no close my account until i get that money back