AIRTEL DIGITAL TV For providing more HD channels

Since last 8 yrs..I using digital tv..and since past 4 yrs I have requested Airtel digital TV for increasing more hd channels in his platform…but always we got…we r under process…it would be resolved soon… still it couldn’t…I am not getting the proper contact to whom my problem has been resolved… always I mailing to only digital tv…. kindly help for providing following channels…. 1. Travel XP HD
2. MTV beats HD
3. MTV+ HD
4. Cartoon Network HD
5. Baby tv HD
6. Gemini Music HD

J padhi


My customer ID is 3000771877. I had recharged one year plan for rs.1500 . But at the end of 6 months it’s services stopped. Now today when I talked to CUSTOMER CARE they are saying that he changed the base plan without customer permission.
Now I have understood that it is the problem of CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVE and they get trained to do so from company. it is company’s trick to earn more money. So, I am ready to go to court and stand to fight against AIRTEL DTH. They are cheating customers. It is fraud company.

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Fraudulent package change

Airtel Digital TV Customer ID 3000387259
Recharge Success 12/Sep/18 Rs. 2,085 VIEW DETAILS
Recharge Success 30/Aug/18 Rs. 456 VIEW DETAILS
Recharge Success 01/Aug/18 Rs. 456 VIEW DETAILS
Recharge Success 01/Jul/18 Rs. 456 VIEW DETAILS
Recharge Success 31/May/18 Rs. 456 VIEW DETAILS
Recharge Success 28/Apr/18 Rs. 456 RECHARGE VIEW DETAILS
Recharge Success 04/Apr/18 Rs. 456 VIEW DETAILS

Yesterday I got a call that I can extend validity of existing package to six months by paying additional Rs 2085/ , To day I found that while doing so you have changed my basic package without my permission. When I rang up customer service for restoration of original package, customer care man not only behaved in a rude manner but refused to do so on existing rate. Prior to paying 2085/ amount my existing package was valid upto 3rd Oct 2018. You are requested to to restore original package under same terms and condition forth with. This fraudulent money extortion is not desirable from such a reputed organisation.
For urgent needful please


AIRTEL DIGITAL TV worst service

I had two (3015986011) connections and requested for disconnection for my add on connection and its been done but they have not yet updated in the system so when i recharge the amount is detected for my add on connection which is not currently in use(setup box in returned to company and its been more than 15 days) . i recharged after i got confirmation from the airtel team.
the customer care is not ready to listen to our problems, if u give a lengthy speech about your problem they will put you on hold
worst service ever this is not first time.


Hi,this is pritam kumar.
Just want to tell about your service.
Customer id-3016155727
Requested relocation before 5 days ago.
My home to office timing is 10am to 9pm.I requested to come before 10am.they denied and told me sir Sunday karwa lena.
Now it’s Sunday evening dint receive any calls till now. What kind of service is this?I am paying to airtel TV without watching anything. Is that do you want from customer. Free me pay karen aapko.ab batao kya karna karwane ki bat ki to bole ki sare equipments le jayenge airtel ki property hai to pay kyu kiya tha maine. I need to escalate it to higher authorities of airtel TV.
I need a urgent callback.
Jab lagwana ho naya to 1 ghante me laga doge.service de nhi pate.


Although Airtel claims that it aims to provide its customers with best possible services, it’s totally wrong. They are basically "chors". I used to pay Rs 590 per months to enjoy English movies, English news and sports channels. In March 2017, my wife told me that she got an SMS from Airtel in which it was mentioned that you can enjoying watching tv for six months by paying Rs 1655. As per her advise, I recharged with Rs 1655. Almost immediately, Airtel stopped all the sports channels. I made a call to the customer care and was told that I would have to pay Rs 110 per month to enjoy the sports channels. When I asked which channels you are going to stop next, the guy said: "No, you would continue to enjoy all other channels." Next month (on April 13, 2017), they stopped all the English movies and news channels. Again, I made a call and came to know that I would have to pay Rs 90 extra per month to enjoy English movies. However, the SMS, which was rece!
ived by my wife, they did not mention that they would charge extra for different packages. Now, I have decided to take service from another provider (after using Airtel digital tv for seven years). They are CHORS, who misguide customers and steal their money. Don’t trust them. Airtel wants their customers to enjoy channels as prescribed by it, and not those which customers want.
Koushik Das
Customer ID: 3002838119

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV not relolve my problem

airtel customer id-3000047323

my problem is this i have locked my complaint on 5 th of may 2017 and the care say your problem is resolve in next 10 hrs but now its above 24hrs no one came to home and no calls from airtel..if airtel provide such type of service its very poor for alll..please allow.
if my problem is not resolved in next 2 hrs i will take some legal action against you

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Airtel DTH service not working for 8 days

Airtel DTH service is ridculous in Pune. My Airtel DTH is not working since last 8 days. Despite of making numerous calls to customer care and nodal office, and sending tons of email, there has been no resolution yet and no callbacks. Have also looped in Mr Kannan A – Head DTH Customer Experience if he can help to fix this issue.
Below are the complaint numbers till date:
1223847834, 1224102454, 1224896561, 1225146592, 79078239, 79242508
Help to understand as how more complaints to be registered? Or will this information suffice to resolve issus on priority.
Cell: 9136558962

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV unable to see channels

i was informed via call by your Airtel digital Tv offiacial offer team (by rahul gupta mobno -7976943852)to recharge with 160(for1st month) &then 100for next11 mnths& i will get all my current channels(of my package of 285) and plus additional 25 other channel and so i rechared with 160rs but now i am unable to see any of the channels of my current packages and i called to the costumer care service as well but the representative there were very clueless and unsupportive irresponsible aggressive disrespective and insensitive i talked to "himanshu" and the senior "mohammad faiz" so please resolve this issue and activate my current channels as promised

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Pathetic Service and System Issues

Consumer No. 3005640241. One of the pathetic service I have seen from the company like Airtel. I was facing no signal problem on 17th June, and after changing address in their system to Pune city, I was assigned an engineer who resolved the issue. But on 17th June evening, I again started getting same issue, so was told by the same enigneer to raise the ticket again. So on 18th June morning I raised the ticket again and was told that the same will be assigned to an enigneer on priority basis, but at 11:30AM when I checked again, I was told that there was some system problem and ticket got closed automatically and they will again raise the complaint on priority basis. This time I got the message with assigned engineer details. But when he did not called me till 3PM, I called that enigneer and was told that he is from Dombivli (WTF). So I again called the team, but was told that 11:30AM ticket has also closed automatically and will again raise the complaint. This time also the!
engineer assigned was the same Dombivli person, so I again called them to check the system but was told the pincode in the system is correct and correct enigneer will call me and problem will be resolved by 6PM. So you guessed it correct, I didnot receive any call till 6:30PM. So I again called them and was told that complaint is still open and there is some problem with pincode issue at backend and will raise another complaint for that and engineer will come to my place on 19th June. Today morning 19th June, when I didn’t received any message from them, I called them again and was told that the issue will be resolved by 12:00PM. But till this time, no one has called me. Now I am thinking of disconnecting this Airtel DTH service.