AIRTEL DIGITAL TV No answer from customer care for installation

I have compained for installation of my dishtv but no action taken till talked to three customer care but none of them responded moreover they are such hopeless people not responding also three of them. Said different charges for installation.How this people are really appointed don’t know what to say to customer literally I abused them by seeing there behaviour my customer I’d is 3010011769.Please look into behaviour and issue also solve the concern as fix the charges for installation which are depicted .
(Dear Customer, service request for your Airtel DigitalTV ID 3010011769 towards Relocation Request is 87909896. For any assistance, call .)

(Dear Customer, Your Ref. no. 87917546 for Relocation Request has been assigned to our Service Engineer Bapon (8420036421) for resolution. He will contact you shortly.)

Hopeless please look into the issue.


Rajendra Prasad agarwal

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV error code 6

I have recharged for my friend in abroad on 23 rd march for two months still service has not being resumed had call customer care ,they told to message HR to 54325 but it dint worked too still showing error code 6 even after recharging..they stated reason as technical glitch ..its been 2 days services have not being resumed tried calling cc BUT always waiting… fed up with it ..worst services…my customer id is 3027809818-001 plz resolve this problem asap.

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Pathetic Airtel Digital TV

I purchased Airtel Digital TV with one-month mega subscription and paid 3495 rupees online.
STB got installed, everything is working fine after a few hours telephonic calls to customer support. now, within 1 hour. I’m starting to feel that service and quality are utterly poor of this Airtel Digital TV. and the quality of HD channels is pathetic and not even close to fine 720p, let alone the SD channels.

STB and Android processing is very slow. hardware is poor. everything is a disaster.

I want everything disconnected and refunded right away. please send someone and take everything back. this is a complete headache. Amazon FireTV is a lot better which is fully internet based and quality is great.

please send someone to my home with immediate effect. it’s not even 24 hours.

Phone – 8505875090
New Delhi

P.S. I’m sending an email to the nodal officers and "[email protected]" with my STB customer ID in next 24 hours.


I am having AIRTEL DIGITAL TV connection( ID : 3013173648 ) . My DTH service stopped on 22.02.2019 , though there has been balance. I called customer care today morning at 8-32 a.m. and i was assured service would be srarted immidiately, maximum withinin half an hour.But it was not done. Again I called arond 10 a.m. and customer care executive said that his senior will call me back.But I haven’t got any call till evening. once again I called ,but i was kept on hold for few minute by them and finally replied their system is not working . thus I was harrastall the day,but service still stopped.

warm regards,
Subrata Chatterjee

Kolkata 9804118856

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Not able to View any Channels

My complaint is for Airtel Digital TV ID Nos. 3027034444_001 and 3027034444_002
I had created my Plan on Airtels website and sent it across to them before 01st February 2019. Reference ID for primary connection is 132028 and secondary connection is 159977. However despite that the plans have still not been activated. Customer Care told me that once I have selected the plans online it would be automatically changed by their back end team. I am getting error code no.4 and not able to view any channels on my TV.
I have been consistently calling Airtel’s Customer Care no. 02020 44448080 since past 2 days and always getting message that the Customer Service is busy talking to other customers. Why don’t they have a call back option for customers who wish to be called back. Customer Service management is very poor and pathetic. Airtel should learn something about better service. They need to have a proper call center. If customers are given the opportunity to make their own pack online and through their TV on channel 998 then why should Customers call Customer Care to activate their packs? This system needs to change. I hope Airtel changes that too and does something to improve their customer care management.
Abhay Soaz

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Overprice for every channel

Airtel Digital TV doing fraud with overcharging for each channel. According to new TRAI rules the maximum price of a SD channel is limited to Rs 19 but airtel charging above Rs 22 for some channels, like colors SD should be of Rs 19 but they are charging something above 22. you can check your self. and if you call their customer care they not respond or not giving you satisfactory answers.


I recharged my airtel digital tv with 200rs yesterday. But the service is not resumed and i have called the dth service for more than 5 times and they are not responding. Please take this shit out of my home and return my money i have spent on your set top box and services. I have fuled an complaint in court also because this is happening for the third or fourth time. Who the heck is managing the airtel dth services. I am from Kochi,Kerala.

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV Wrong pack charged by custumer care

I have called customer care and told to start 408 value prime magic hd pack instead of it he started 477 rs south mega pack which is not in mumbai circle now they are not changing it as i have call recording what i told to start now they arr not responding my user id is 3027079854 name abhijeet singh cheema pls look in it and change my pack