amcat Charged twice for same test

I had tried booking for amcat test several times on 18th April and for 3-4 attempts either it showed failure message or the webpage just froze when I tried with my Bank of India debit card. Then I tried with an SBI debit card and the amount got debited from my SBI account and also I got the confirmation message successfully from amcat. But later the same amount again got deducted from my Bank of India account although in all the attempts with this account the transaction was shown to be failed or the webpage took too long to respond. So I was charged twice for the booking of single test to be held on 13th May (4-7pm). Please reply as soon as possible about how I can get my extra charged amount back. For several failed attempts the order id were: Order id: 03795323
Order id: 03795219
Order id: 03795119
Successful attempt order id: 03795444
Amcat id: [email protected]