Amity School of Distance Learning Business policy & strategic management, business policy & strategic managment (EDL301)


Iam a student of amity iam doing MBA correspondence my enrollment no A19201171051 (el) and i had booked my exam slot through proctor mode and today is my first exam timing is 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Further, I have started my exam on 11:00 am but for technical issue my access id is not excepted and then i called on customer care and they assured me that when you start your exam u will finished after 2 hours so don’t worry about this we will give you the full time for doing the exam they give me the number of technical support care and then tried to technical support care firstly all numbers are busy and after so long my call was connected and they help me out for how to start my exam.
Moreover, i started my exam on 11:55 am and when on my screen timer shows 20 mins are left suddenly my screen was gone and my exam was automatically closed. Then i tried to re-open the site and enter my excess key its shows that your is over and then again i called to customer care and tell then whole story again he said that don?t your exam is automatically saved and its happen when your time is over. I
So, please i would like to know that my whole answers is submitted or not and my exam is valid or not.
Exam Name : Business Policy & amp: strategic Management,Business Policy &amp: Strategic Management (EDL 301)
Enrollment No: A 19201171051 (el)

Pulkit Pal
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