Hi sir, I’m srikanth from telangana state…. Recently i had completed my 800mts running event… Nenu event start ayinapudu na watch love time set chusukunnanu. Event complete ayina Tarwatha Rfid system lo 180seconds chupinchindi… But na watch lo matram 168seconds chupinchindi…. Maaku chaala badaga vundi sir. I think Rfid system lo chaala mistakes vunnay sir…. Please consider my complaint sir… Thank you…. My number was 9959610797




Dear Sir,
I, GSSLN RAMAM, resident of 43-30-2, sri lakshminikethanam, dondaparthy would like to bring to your kind notice and action that just before our house entrance gate a big hole was dug couple of weeks back by some contract labour of police department regarding the installation of CC CAMERA and left over the mud as it is before our house causing inconvenience to us while coming and going out of our house. The work is not done till now and also the mud which came after digging the hole was left over as it is.
Request to see that the mud is removed as early as possible as it is obstructing the road traffic also casing inconvenience to the public also. Thanking you sir,

Road accident Road accident due to rash driving .

Hello Team,

My name Amar. I met with an accident while coming from kammagundanalli to kaggadasapura . Happened in between 2.15 3 pm ist near hennur. Maruthi swift grey colour car with number ka50z 3854 striked from side ways. This happened just because of his rash driving. He should be punished at any cost. So that he won’t repeat again.



I had ordered a Magazine rack sofa set on 12/2/2019 and i was promised delivery within a week. The delivery did not happen for 10 days, there was no call from Bantia regarding the delay and when i called back on 21st of feb, i was told that it will take another two days for delivery. I waited for two days and called back, when i was given a lecture by one of the managers, that Bantia works with very good quality wood and this quality will take another two days. I waited again as i thought i did not know anything about wood quality and only Bantia can teach me about that, i called back on 27th and this time another manager put me on hold and after 5 minutes told me that it will take another two days and this would be final as he would himself follow it up. Today if 3rd March and i have no sofa, when called, i was told a new story that as i had asked for a change in fabric, it would take another two days. I tried calling Bantia office at Sikh village, the number is 27841562, t!
he lady there told me that it is only people at Boduppal who can solve the problem and so i shud call them only. I asked her whether it doesnt matter if a franchisee creates a bad reputation for them and she still insisted that i should talk to Mr Santosh at Bantia, Boduppal. His number is 7995000923. This person said, he will talk to the guy in the factory and put me in a conference call. I am still waiting for the call, since 1130 AM.
The bantia furniture shop, i believe has the best of courtesies. I request all the people who see this, not to venture into buying anything from them as the management and staff are least bothered.

Basti area Water clogging

Respected Authorities,

Basti occupants right beside our house are creating daily nuisance which is not allowing us to live peacefully. Old people and children in our house are suffering the most. Following are the issues being created by them on almost daily basis which is making it impossible for us to live peacefully. kindly help us on this matter ASAP.

1. Basti people fight often amongst themselves creating noise beyond tolerance
2. They are keeping all drums/barrels near our compound wall which they use to store water that they get for free from government daily. The barrels are not being loved away despite multiple requests from us.
3. Guys stand opposite to our gate until late night making it uncomfortable for ladies of this lane to move around.
4. We are always on the verge of getting looted if we keep our things outside unlocked inside our compound
5. Stone pelting is a common sight when the mango and mulberry trees in our house bear fruits. We already cut down Mango tree due to this.
6.The water tankers coming multiple times a day to fill their empty drums or barrels makes it noisy for us to live.

We strongly believe in our authorities and hope some strong action is taken on all these as early as possible.

Address: H.No.8-8-86, Road No 10, Green Park Colony, Karmanghat , Hyderabad ,500035


GHMC- Hyderabad Mosquito

We are Venkatadri Township phase 3 and 4, near Sai baba temple, Chowdariguda. In our area we are facing severe problems with mosquitoes which may lead us to infected with Malaria and Dengue. So I kindly request you to spray the mosquito repellent spray aka Mosquito fogging and other preventive measures. Thanking you


Venkatadri Township phase 3 and 4, near Sai baba temple, Chowdariguda.