INDIA [email protected] My money of Rs 1507.50 for gate 2019 application is debited through BHIM app by scanning the QR code but payment is not done

My money of Rs 1507.50 for Gate 2019 registration got debited when i paid through BHIM app by scanning your QR code which is shown…but The payment process is not confirmed even though my money got debited

reserve bank of india Today i got a mail please check weather it is true or false

Our ref: Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2017
Dear Beneficiary: Congratulation!!! Your E-mail ID has been (selected) as one of the Lucky Beneficiary (Winner) to receive a Lottery Inheritance Compensation amount
of £500,000.00 Pounds which is an equivalent to (4CRORES,75LAKHS IN INDIA INR) Your payment is categorized as: Lottery/Inheritance/ Undelivered fund pending with the
Reserve Bank of India/ Since has been recently approved. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, URJIT PATEL, and the United Nations President Mr. Ban Kin-Moon
Secretary-General of United Nations have met with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance RBI Mumbai/Delhi branch regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long
run.At the end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, URJIT PATEL mandated all unclaimed funds pending to be released back to the beneficiaries(winners) stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds in government.
Therefore, we are writing this notice to inform you that (4CRORES,75LAKHS IN INDIA INR) will be released to you,
as it was recommended by (RBI) Governor,that the Beneficiary(winner) is required to forward his or her details well filled below for immediate effect.
Note:we have given out a mandate (3 working days) to claim this fund and after the due date, your fund will be returned to the Government account as unclaimed .You
are to fill below your full details and send to our foreign exchange transfer dept.Email: [email protected] for Verification and transfer of your fund. 1. Full Names:
2. Residential Address:
3. Mobile Number:
4. Occupation:
5. Sex:
6. Age:
7. Nationality:
8. Country:
9. Marital Status:
10. E-mail id:
11. Bank Name:
12. Account Number:
13. Account Holders Name:
14. Bank Branch:
15. Winning Amount..
16. Your photo copy………………
Make sure you reply to this email id: [email protected]
Please reconfirm to us a proof of your identification, any of the below, Scan Copy… Pan card _ _
Adhaar Card_ _
NOTE: Please do not reply to this notification mail box. Mails sent to this mail box are not monitored and cannot be replied. Please reply only to Reserve Bank
Foreign Exchange Department Management as instructed above. Congratulations from me and members of the Reserve Bank Foreign Exchange Department, We have millions
of funds unclaimed price. Make sure you reply to this email id: [email protected]


Respected sir,

I am Prasad Billana, s/o Apparao, applied for new cdc on 11-june-2018, After one month I had received the message of "under verfication process". Now it is running third month but there is no progress about my appllication. I am eager for the result of new cdc for my further future. I request you to process my cdc and grant me new cdc as early as possible,
My Indos No: 18ZL4950

My application No: SMO(M)2018/40017

My mail id: [email protected]

My contact No: 8897960463

Credit Sudhaar Credit Sudhaar is misguiding people and blackmailing…

AUGUST 10th 2018 to SEPTEMBER 19th 2018

I am a low income citizen and my monthly take home salary is 24000 and i don’t have any savings and also i don’t have any other businesses. I completely depend on my job to spend my livelihood.
As my credit score is very low, i searched in google, i trusted and considered credit sudhaar so that it would help me in building my credit score.
Before signing up with credit sudhaar, i spoke to their sales person whatever the essential documents are required in building my credit score. Their sales person said we cannot give you information. They said "You need to signup with us and u will be allocated a counsellor from our end and they will help and guide you in building your credit score and they will tell you whatever documents are required.
i have asked salesperson before sign up process as my hometown is different from my temporary address(i.e. workplace) and i’ve said that i am temporarily residing in a rented flat(i don’t have any rent agreement) and my company doesn’t give any payslips and my salary i will receive in cash,that will be deposited by self in my bank account. Their salesperson said there would be no problem and that all will be guided by our counsellor upon registration. I said ok. and proceeded further for signing up with credit sudhaar. During signing up, i have paid an amount of INR 6,500 initially. Just after one or two days, again i received a call from credit sudhaar sales saying that "if you need to build your score you need to upgrade your credit sudhaar package which will be of some more benefits. Credit sudhaar sales person said that if you will not upgrade the package and you will not follow us, your credit score can’t be build.[Note: THIS IS A BLAC!
KMAILING AND ALSO HARASSMENT].I was forced to upgrade the credit sudhaar package with an amount INR 6,500. With this i spent INR 13,000 on credit sudhaar which is more than half of my monthly salary. And the service which i took was ONLINE service. And i am residing temporarily in a grade B city which is very much expensive.
After that i haven’t received any call or update from CRedit sudhaar. So i called up & later they have arranged a call back from my counsellor. Now my counsellor suggested me to make a fixed deposit of Rs.25,000 in Development Credit Bank(DCB) and not any other bank. I have replied them saying that "Already i spent more than half of my monthly salary on credit sudhaar i can’t make FD". They have given another choice, to take a gold loan. I don’t have any gold with me to take gold loan. I am a low income citizen and i don’t have any gold. After few days i.e. during september 1st week i called up credit sudhaar and asked for an alternative to build my credit score.
They insisted for FD. Now the main problem is with my temporary address, with that i can’t make FD because i can’t get address proof. So i have asked for change that, i will make FD in my hometown where i have permanent address for which i have suitable and required address proof. Now again credit sudhaar people saying that you are working in one place and you want to make FD in another place. Banks will reject your FD proposal.
Now my amount of INR 13,000 is with credit sudhaar and they are not helping me in the right manner. They are talking very rudely and blackmailing me. I am in a helpless situation. I requested to please refund my money. The amount INR 16,000 is very important to me, i have begged and requested many times for that money to refund. they are speaking very rudely on phone. my family and i will suffer the huge loss if credit sudhaar will not give. I am in financial probems and my family is also in problems. I request credit sudhaar to refund my money. I will write a note and suicide and credit sudhaar is responsible. I have no other choice.