IRCTC pending from bank end

Booked a ticket under tatkal quota on 09/11/2018 from Nellore to Secunderabad for 10/11/2018 train number 12709 simhapuri express vide Reservation ID : 100001520672635 and an amount of Rs.465.00 has been debited from SBI SB account but the tatkal ticket has been issued with a status that "Pending from Bank End". Till the time of departure the ticket has not been allotted and the amount has not been refunded to me. Submitted for further course of action.


My name is SHAIK BAZEE. I On 30/09/1018 I am traveling from VIJAYAWADA TO NANDYAL train number 56504 Bangalore Contonement passenger. An unknown person (theaf) ask me
To make urgent call and take my phone and calls suddenly jumps from running train and escape at NAMBUR NEAR GUNTUR STATION.Please help me. I have lot of data on that mobile. My mobile details:
IMEI 1: 865735035374789
IMEI 2: 865735035374797
MAIL ID: [email protected]

Please trace my phone sir..


My name is Venu Babu, And my UID No.############, And Mobile 9553998220, I have given/linked my SBI account number 30925735080 for the Direct Benefit Tranfer to Aadhar, currently I do not use my SBI account, So I want to change my account from Sbi to and another bank that have my account in Kotak Mahindra Bank Acc No.3912133040, At Date of 22.10.2018 i am visited My Kotak Branch And i am requested to for make NPCI mappinng … The bank has made my request and the Aadhaar Seeding request and they are Accepted my request And they were updated CBS At 24.10.2018, but I will not be able to find Kotak Bank the site is showing on the linking status of SBI…, today i am visited my kotak bank, and i am asked about npci mapping Status for my account…they will saying ‘ We are updated your account already NPCI Mapping for DBT.., .So..please Change my DBT ac from sbi to Kotak Mahindra Bank

Thank You…

Vision collage boduppal Salary issue

Vision college of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
Respected Sir,
​I had worked at Vision college of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research boduppal rangareddy , Hyderabad
​, ​from 7th Dec 2017​ ​to 18th Sept. 2017. After my resignation (due to irregular salaries and bad work culture) the college management had given back my Original Certicates, except for my service certificate and relieving orders. Moreover, my salary for 8 months is still pending to be given by the college (apprx. Rs. 40000).
There is no lecturer and no students to com to collage as per record they will show all the record but in present there will be lecturer and no students completely this collage is fake
​So ​I humbly request you Sir, to kindly look into this matter and ensure that justice is done to me.
​Nasreen sultana
JNTUH Faculty id — ###


Dear Star maa,

Why is a daughter or daughter-in-law always tortured physically or emotionally in your serials? Are we portraying women are weaklings? Isn’t that the irony? On one side, Star speaks about supporting the diversity and supporting women’s rights and on the other hand you broad cast serials where most of the ladies are villains and always harbor grudge towards their daughters or daughters-in-laws. Let’s dissect the serials one at a time:
Karthika Deepam – Firstly the leading male character is useless, and constantly for hundreds of episodes he’s under the spell of his mother who is wicked for most of the part (who actually slaps his son’s friend and to my surprise the friend takes it very casually) and tortures the daughter-in-law, discriminates her based on the color (aren’t we being racist?) takes back to back revenge on a helpless daughter-in-law.
Moral of the story: Independent woman is racist, narcissist, self-centered, wicked, ruthless and ready to humiliate any one
Kumkuma Puvvu – Also another wicked mother-in-law and too dumb daughter-in-law who doesn’t have any other job other than taking revenge on each other… typically it’s a revenge drama.
Moral of the story: Women are wicked and equality is a myth
Koilamma – Is sheer nonsense that has gone into an extreme degree of cruelty where even children are not spared from this nuisance. Child villains and wicked step mothers, fathers and even uncles… Going forward I’d not be surprised even if they show father molesting a child or uncle molesting a child
Moral of the story: We basically live in a society where everything can be bought with money and step mother is always BAD
Lakshmi Kalyanam – Same story repeats, daughter-in-law meets mother-in-law and they have a mutual hatred as always and no other job other than plotting revenge.
Moral of the story: Women are either weak or wicked and there’s no chance of friendship between anyone.
STOP POLLUTING THE MINDS OF Children and adults who are watching your shows… If not educating… atleast make them entertaining.

wipro registration error

Respected sir/madam,

At that time of i was entered the details of mine at first step of registration form, i was found an issue that was ‘ candidate details already exists in our database’ please log in to. using reference number :8260430 But i have to register for 2019 Elite national hunt test drive please help me sir,thank you
Reference number:8260430
Email:[email protected]