a resident Stray dog menace

We have been facing a lot of problems in our locality as there are 70-80 stray dogs causing a lot of inconvenience and threat as they are extremely terrifying. They chase every vehicle whether 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler and attach kids to snatch their eatables. The kids are simply terrorised to even step out of the houses. They climb all the way up to 3-4 floors of the apartment and vandalise everything and chew off footwear and bins placed outside.

They bark all through the night as a result we are unable to even sleep at nights, needless to mention the ordeal we go through in the day.

I request you humbly to kindly take necessary action as early as possible.

Jetender Rao
Flat 31, Block B15, Rajeev Gruha Kalpa, YSR Nagar, Almasguda, Hyderabad

Indian railways guntur Very rude and misbehaviour at the ticket counter

Respected sir/madam,
Today on 1/3/19, I went to the railway station to drop my cousin. The only change I had with me was a hundred rupee note and 30 rupees. I payed 25 rupees for the car parking. All I was left with was 105 rupees. I approached the ticket counter for a platform ticket for which I was asked to go to another counter in a rude way stating that the person doesn’t have change while he was holding a bunch of notes. Then when I went to another counter, MR.M.S.NAYAK spoke and treated me in a very rude and harsh manner stating that he wouldn’t issue me a platform ticket as I have a hundred rupee note. I was never treated in such a way till date. What purpose does he serve sitting at the counter? I kindly request you to take appropriate action.

IGNOU false claim

Good morning everyone,

Myself Arvind kumar yadav, student of MBA from ignou ( Enrollement number 122612108).

Yesterday i got latter from ignou that i copied the project report.

Justification : I submitted the my project report after a year of efforts whereas my project went through my Guide Approved professor from ignou : Mr R srininvas rao and My HR head where i m working( I cant declare his name as per COBE code of business ethics)
This review costed me more than one year as well as many reprinting of report ( more than 4000 pages). They reviewed the project ,And i prepared the project as per their instruction.

How can ignou delhi can say that this is copied.

If required i can submit my all details of mail communication..

I want to highlight some pain area.
My first project synopsis got rejected on account of it that it seems purchase :
Second synopsis got approval than i prepared the project report– after submission of project report , i reminded the same through mail than after i got mail confirmation for reciving of project report. if their was any doubt it should be highlighted as earlier stages.

2.. During first synopsis i was demanded money which i rejected firmly than concerned person challanged me that i cant complete the project without bribe…so after discussion with Ignou team i selected the guide of ignou approved professor from my study center … under whom i taken my project in very true manner.

Arvind kumar yadav

Tirupati municipal corporation COMPLAINT REGARDING STREET DOGS

Dear Sir,

i am resident of padmavathi nagar( Near Mahila University) Tirupati. we are facing a serious problem with the street dogs. There are nearly about 50 dogs in our area. They are barking at the people and continuously shouting vigorously during the night times. Even they are chasing the bikes and vehicles going on the road. Due to these street dogs the people are facing a lot of problems.

Kindly take a serious action about this and request you to catch all the dogs from our area and take them away.

Thanks & regards,
Padmavathi Nagar

COMPLAINT ON STREET DOGS Barking Dog civil citizen procedure


The Commissioner,
MUncipal Corporation,

I would like to bring to your kind notice that,In vittal nagar behind deva nagar railway gate, Hno:78/3-17-3, opp muncipal water tank, Please note that a group of dogs are staying and biting children and human beings .please take away these dogs and avoid the dog biting at our residence. We will be very thankful to you if you for this help. Thank you,
Yours sencerely,
S.Bhargavi bai
D/O S.Sivaprasad rao-
Line inspector power house,
H no:78/3-17-3,
Vittal nagar,
Ph no:7013554879,8978117661.

Payment not been transferred to the CM relief fund Payment not been transferred to CM relief fund

Hello Sir , Madam.

We had transferred an amount of 25000 to CM Relief fund ( Telangana state) on 28th November 2018, and 300 towards charges. its total amounted 25300. But the amount has not been transferred to the CM relief fund. We need to know where the money is?

the below information is for your reference

Reference number : EBS2811D68F45EEC

EBS Payment ID : 116597406

Please investigate.

Thanks and regards,
Bala Reddy Thirumala.

Hitachi AC Break Down


My New Hiachi AC is not working since 12th-Oct-2018. Till now i didn’t get any resolution.
Everytime they are cancelling the ticket and saying in description "You are not reachable". I have all the recordings and ticket history with me.

Such a global leader in AC market, they are cheating the customer like this. I never expected this. I have called Customer care also several times and escalated this. Everytime they are saying, this time your problem will be resolved. They visited 6 times till now. Every time they are saying, our senior technician will visit and resolve this issue. Till now no resolution.

Please suggest a way forward. Please take this in high priority.