anganwadi 6000 amount not received for pragnat woman.

6000 amount not received for pregnant lady
No Response aanganvadi
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is saloni Yadav from New Delhi E block location. My Boy Is born on 05-10-2017 but I have Not Revived For Any Amount by anaganwadi side She say i do not submitted your documents .but she is still asking for injection details. Thanks
Saloni Yadav
D 38 Tagore garden
shankar market extension
New Dehli 110027
Mobile no 9643880607

anganwadi No egg and milk supply everytime I visit anganwadi


I recently shifted to Kurgallu due to my job at SRM University-AP. My baby is registered in the Kuragallu (B C area) anganwadi.
Everytime I go to angawadi to get eggs for my 8 months old baby, they say only if the baby comes to the centre, they will give eggs otherwise no. Still on insisting they provided eggs few times . Most of the time they say," there are no eggs, and eggs did not come today. Come next week." Next week when I go again the same dialogue that no eggs. One full month (March) they managed to tell the same thing. For March month they provided 16 eggs on April 3rd. Now when I ask eggs for April, they say eggs have not come. and they say they already gave it to me.
When my baby was less than 6 months old, they used to tell the same thing for milk also. "No milk. Milk boxes did not come today. "
I wonder where the eggs and milk that government provides for the babies goes..
Another thing is their harsh behavior towards common people.
Please take necessary actions.


anganwadi manner of work

Dear sir/mam
it is very great to say that delhi govt is doing so many things for development of child and women,but it is very sad to say that there no proper way of working in the aanganwadi centres. Aaganwadi are not running in proper manner. Persons working in aaganwadis do not want to come in working place and doing work in wrong way. they are giving wrong informations to higher authories,because they donot want to go for survey to take informations . they donot their work on time. and the big problem is this that the senior person ( supervisor and teacher) working in aaganwadi centres donot want to do their work and for that they are making pressure on junior workers who are aaganwadi aunties (who distribute food). one of them aaganwadi aunty refused to do work of teachers then the supervisor of that area and teacher misbehaved with aaganwadi worker (aaganwadi aunty) and the supervisor pressurizing to give resign to that worker. and making false complaint to higher officials.
so, I request you to resolve the matter because the aaganwadi aunty is very depressed with this and she donot want to loss her job.
aaganwadi centre of bhalswa diary.
north east delhi