Jawahar Navodaya Vidalaya Principla Bulleying Mr Chandrababu

Principal of JNV Megdong is bulleying other staff by misusing his post. Issuing unnecessary warning letters just to take his own grudge out. He is constantly harrasing co staff and is taking his position like a dominating king. His behaviour and conduct with staff is unacceptable.
He needs everything on his table and the if he does not get that he shouts, threatens and issues letters. Who is monitoring such letters either they are correct. Just to satisfy own personal grudge he misuses his position. Harrasment of anyone in school is just not acceptable I want strict diciplinary action against Chandrababu or will be forced to go to the court of law.

Canon EF lens Complaint against unknown stealer at Rms Guwahati

Dear sir,
My purchased Canon EF 50mm lens from Singapore has been stolen, I received folded Assamese newspaper instead of said product inside the parcel.This incident maybe happened in either Rms Guwahati and Rms lakimpur Assam. My parcel has been returned to seller and I get full refund.This bad activities adopted by Indian post officer/official not good. My tracking number was RB585878855SG