Canon EF lens Complaint against unknown stealer at Rms Guwahati

Dear sir,
My purchased Canon EF 50mm lens from Singapore has been stolen, I received folded Assamese newspaper instead of said product inside the parcel.This incident maybe happened in either Rms Guwahati and Rms lakimpur Assam. My parcel has been returned to seller and I get full refund.This bad activities adopted by Indian post officer/official not good. My tracking number was RB585878855SG

Himalayan University M.Phil

I am runing study centre in Dharmapuri tamilnadu , 22 Students Admission 2013,2014 (Himalayan University). i pay money 5,00,000 DD ‘HIMALAYAN UNIVERSITY -NEW DELHI .That money collect "India Edu Mart" New Delhi only collect money , i AM DAILY SO MANY PROBLEMS IN MY CENTRE PLEASE HELP ME , Thay are not attend any phone,EMAIL, not replay Marksheet,Provisional not issued in past three years. now i want to Action , all students told "Refund of my money" that what should i do now. pleas guide me and give me above information.
with regards,
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