Auto Rickshaw Hyderabad Over limit drive and communication

Auto no.- TS 09 UA 1862 happened on 3rd December 2019 at around 2:45 at barkatpura
He was talking in a very bad manner doesn’t know how to speak to a girl passenger sitting in his auto was using bad words also and THE DRIVER WAS DRUNK AS WELL and he was driving very speed and over the limit of speed I request the police to take severe action on this as soon as possible and this is against a girl so I hope that this incident would be taken seriously Thank you

Auto Rickshaw Hyderabad Man handled by auto driver

Share Auto driver, mis behaved & man handled on me and on ladies. He is very rude and used Bad language. Please take necessary action on him. Even other auto drivers opposed his behaviour with me.

Route: Dilsukhnagar to Sathya nagar(new Maruti nagar)
I’m attaching his auto and his auto pictures. Please take necessary action on him.



Auto drivers are keeping their autos in different area and sending one or two autos to public to create more demand to increase the prince from Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 with out any traffic jams. Dear Police
Requesting to do something that they can not change the price and demand.

Auto Rickshaw Hyderabad Driver rude behavior

Me along with my friend came from Bangalore to Hyderabad on 30June 2018 for my wedding shopping and stayed with a friend who stays in madhapur. Today (July 1st 2018)..I have to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore via Orange travels and we gave boarding point as Vodafone store,opposite to BJP party building,Kukatpally.We took an auto from madhapur image hospital and when we asked the driver for the fare he demanded 180rs but we said we will pay 140rs and then he asked 150 but we strictly said we will pay 140rs he said okay and asked us to get in.Since we are new to Hyderabad we don’t know where exactly the location was but he said we knew it and when we checked in Google maps it was showing that we crossed the location.So I asked him whether he is taking us to the right place.He said he was not sure but he said he will drop Infront of BJP party office.And he started asking us the bus fares from hyd to Bangalore ,we said how much it costs for us.Then he dropped us near the location and i gave him 150 and asked for 10rs change.He said "digu auto mundu" which means get down from my auto I asked y?he said he won’t give the change.I said you can explain your problem and can ask for money politely not like this.He started shouting at us and forced us to get down.When I said that i’ll complain he has shown his attitude saying do whatever want I can give my adhar number too.
The thing is not about 10rs but the way they behave with the passengers.Hope atleast some one takes some action on people like him. Auto number: TS09UB0225