Auto riksha driver Driver used abusive language, taken to wrong location, cheated

On 20/05/19, i caught auto riksha at Ahmadabad kalupur railway station, i asked driver to go Chhatral. He said Rs. 350 will be charged, i said ok. After going 3-4 kilometers, I knew that he was driving on wrong road so I stopped him. And told correct road. Then he started to tell Rs.600. i told no, whatever decided that much only i shall give. He told me get down from auto and give till them money. Initially i refused because he brought me at wrong place so anyhow another auto would have taken more charges for me. I called police, police told give him till here charges and either go by same auto or another. I gave Rs. 50, but as soon as police went he started abusing, gave bad word on father, mother. In 1st instant i told very clearly place "Chhatral" but he took me at wrong place so I had to bare extra charges and abusive language from auto driver. Pls. Take action on such drivers who use abusive language, taking people at wrong location and cheating or looting. Auto driver auto no. Is available in attached file.