Axis Bank Personal disbursal

On 29th May I recieved call from a employee name Kevin under employee of sehydo426000
From Hyderabad axis bank customers service ,As I am Having my salary account with the bank since 5 years the customer executive called me for a preapproved personal loan on my mobile application as I had some family emergency at home I applied for an amount of 600000 under barcode number 0002947021 ,While the customer executive told me its paper less and instant Loan it will be credited in 3 hours later the pop came up after asking to wait for 72 hours as it will be processed and disbursed in the same time ,I called the customer care again and again they told me it is pending with the credit team they will disburse it as soon as possible and to my surprise nothing happened intact due the hard enquiry by the bank my CIBIL got reduced ,Than yesterday I called the customer care again they told me to visit to the nearest branch which was 30 kms from my home I visited there the bank people were not able to fetch the details as the application id generated through the mobile app of axis bank was invalid and than they had a word with the customer care and they told it will be disbursed/processed today itself , Even a guy came to my office on 31st of May from
Axis bank verification department stating that I have applied for credit card to which I said itâs a personal loan not the credit card I had applied for ,Today morning I called the customer care they were again of the same view it is under process with the credit team and I told them why is it under process to which they reverted I guess your application might be declined I told yelm
Are you sure they were like it is under process with the credit team for so long that means it is rejected
First of all no revert on mail or message was done by the team and second for all this harassment i had from last 7days was too much for me 3rd even if my loan is declined what is the reason they donât have an answer ,Being a very good customer of the bank from last 5 years this is the treatment for being a good customer ,Bankers in India tend to work on their convience
I will surely close my account with axis for the all the mental agony and harrasment I faced as it was a medical emergency at my home ,Request not to play with your good customers things can turn ugly My credentials
Customer id 865083867
Registered Contact Number 7899072345

Axis Bank Closure of account

Hi, we thank you for bringing this to our notice, be assured we have noted your concern raised to us and will get back shortly.
Please note, as part of the resolution process, our executives will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. For more information, please visit Regards, Team Axis Bank.

Axis Bank Closure of account

Hello, I had a youth account with axis bank which was 0 balance account,
Since I am preparing for competitive exam, my parents started giving me money in my hands unlike earlier when I was in Jaipur and they use to transfer it to my bank account.
Now since, they have started to give money in my hands per month they are charging me money as maintenance charge,
I visited branch and met manager twice they told me leave the account like that it will be closed and after 6 months when I asked customer care what to do they asked me to submit the money in negetive to.close the account I told them that I am student I can’t give out ₹2000 (approx), they asked me that once it is paid accout will be closed..
Kindly help me on this and close my account as I don’t have money to submit to bank and they also lied to me about closure of account.
My account is associated with 9530077730, Kapurthala branch of axis bank, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Kind Regards
Ravi Tripathi
[email protected] 9530077730

Axis Bank Harrassment calls from CREDIT CARD DEPARTMENT

My CREDIT CARD was STOLEN last month and at the same day i was blocked card,and never request for new credit card.
when talk to customer care they ask me to go to bank to know how to pay amount of my credit card.

when go to bank they ask me to talk to customer care ,because credit card cannot be handled by branch,it can be solved by customer care over the phone only.

i have visited number of timed to your AXIS bank to know how to pay credit card bill after stolen my credit.

even to call to customer care so many times.

no one help me,,everyone diverted me other.

IMPORTANT:-now from past few days i am getting keep calls from credit card department to pay the amount with penalty amount of Approx.5thousand rupees .

i even use your all mode of communication with bank to get it solve.but it seems they wait for penalty amount.

now penalty amount is added and they start keep on call and harrass me over the phone to pay amount.

now m very disappointed by the behaviour of your bank even though AXIS bank is forcing me to take action against bank.

No one register my request neither complaint,even they call and keep on harrass me.

i cannot have any trust now on AXIS bank.


I am Dibya Jyoti Sarmah, My Account No. is – 917010085447662. From last month my account was debited so many time as mention Consolidated DP charges. when i maintain some amount in this account that time it charges some Consolidated dp charges. I never open any demat account, then why my account was charged. please help me and return my money.

Axis Bank Fraud Transaction From Axis Bank Account

I had fraudulent transactions happened on my debit card with out my concern or otp as below on 28th may 18

Account number : [protected]

1.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 1.00 on 18-03-2019 17:35:26 A/c Bal is INR 3957.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *SERVICES/ *SERVICES/Seq No ############
2.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 449.00 on 18-03-2019 17:35:33 A/c Bal is INR 3508.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *Octro Inc/ *Octro Inc/Seq No ############
3.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 449.00 on 18-03-2019 17:35:56 A/c Bal is INR 3059.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *Octro Inc/ *Octro Inc/Seq No ############
4.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 449.00 on 18-03-2019 17:36:11 A/c Bal is INR 2610.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *Octro Inc/ *Octro Inc/Seq No ############.

I lost inr 1498 with out my involvement, i never deal with this site for any transaction in the past. Request you to help me and refund back my amount.
And i dont want this again in future.
Please let me know if you need any other information.