Axis Bank Negative balance showing in account

I have a current account with axis Bank kazhakoottam branch trivandrum. I opened that account years back when i was running a firm of my own. But the firm got closed due to financial problems and I wasn’t in a state to maintain the account with axis bank. Since i was out of trivandrum it was not possible for me to go to the branch and give closure paper signed(which they asked me to do).

Years after i am daily receiving SMS from the bank mentioning my account balance is -28000 Rs. To open the account I had no hassle but closing is not possible without my personal presence and they can’t freeze the account somehow as I am not maintaining it. They simply keeps adding charges to loot me. When I called the branch they said I have to pay the whole negative amount to close the account.

Sreejith Karunakaran
email: [email protected] Phone: 9446804547

Axis Bank Loss of money

Hi i have a salary account with Axis bank, i got a message of money deduction of Rs 1760/- inclduding GST – 200 without any information or without any prior information how you can they deducte amount from account. Is it my mistake to deposit money into axis bank? If I didn’t get any refunds regarding this I will surely close this account soon and file a case against axis bank for this cheating people. I need refund as soon as possible .
Necessary action to be taken .
Number :- 7795702804

Axis Bank Bank charging on non maintenance of balance

Hi, we are here to help! Please provide us your contact number and we will get back at the earliest.
Also please note, as part of the resolution process, our executives will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account-related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. Regards, Team Axis Bank.

Axis Bank Bank charging on non maintenance of balance

Respected Sir,
I had opened an current account in an Axis bank by their representative at my shop. But unfortunately I closed my business due to loss. So I can not maintain the account balance. But day by day bank is charging me heavily and asking me to pay the negative balance which I had not used for any purpose. Please help me .
Vikram sutar.