None of the below issues have been resolved and I am needlessly being given mental trauma by AXIS bank.
b. Please see the very first email in this chain on 16th NOV, I had to put in on record as even after our telecoms from 10th NOV till 16th nothing had moved. c. This mental tension, agony and trauma is affecting my health too.
d. I am regularly getting TEXT messages from AXIS BANK and each msg is quite confusing.
e. Today @ 4.42 am I got a message that 310000 has been credited to loan account number PHR############. I never deposited any such figure, seems someone at AXIS bank is doing fraudulent transactions. f. I did not get any such amount and it was never disbursed.
g. Yesterday at 7.16 PM I got text msg as – “dear customer, part payment of 930000 has been adjusted to your axis bank loan account PHR############, whereas no such disbursement ever happened.
h. When I did not take any such disbursal, I have a right to know why such text messages are coming to me?
i. My ICICI BANK was debited whereas till that period NO LOAN WAS DISBURSED BY AXIS BANK. Again fraudulently my account was debited causing me financial hardship, mental trauma and agony and I need to be refunded principal along with interest and compensation by Axis bank, failing which I shall be compelled to approach higher authorities and consumer forum for remedy
j. As I have been chasing you since the day debit happened and in last 15-18 days, no positive movement has been there to satisfy me or refund my hard earned money along with interest and compensation as mentioned in very first written complaint, I am marking copy of this email to NODAL OFFICER of AXIS bank.
In case resolution does not happen by end of next week, I shall be compelled to escalate to Principal Nodal Office.

Axis bank home loan not at all care for customer do not ever go for home loan in Axis bank

My name is Mahesh, I have taken loan from axis bank on 05-10-2017, my loan account No. PHR*************.
At the time of applying for the loan i have requested bank official Mr. Manoj D. to process my application for to get the subsidy under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, and he did assured me that he did performed required process for to get the subsidy. Moreover he told me that it will be credited to my loan account between 2-4 months.
Today after around four and half months I have visited bank to enquire about the status of subsidy. And I came to know that bank have not yet processed my application for subsidy, even-tho all the necessary process done by me. also i have provided all the required documents to bank. This is shocking to me, i am a loyal customer of axis bank since last 8 years I have not expected this kind of negligence.
Now i am doing follow-up with bank officers since last 2 months but u did not receved any possitive answers from them till today and the jurney countinue…. pl. do not go for any loan with Axis bank..