Axis Bank No proper response by axis bank branch Gandhi ngr Delhi

I would like to inform you that i am not satisfied with your axis bank branch Gandhi nagar Delhi -110031 i am senior citizens heart disease No proper response service by axis bank branch employe Mr sorav & Mr shudepto No pick the calls very shameful work by him i am fed up plz take action immediately

Axis Bank Credit card Issue

Dear Board,

this complaint regarding axis Bank Credit card Team, as my father expire on 30th Jan’17, and my father having two credit with this bank, they threatening for the payment for the expired case, they visit my home and threatening us for making payment,for further they insist and take another action for taking payment, they mark LIEN on my father’s a/c where my father having Loan against Property EMI deduct on monthly basis, for that i can’t make payment for the loan due to marking Lien in my father’s account,
At last many threatening call, they offer me settlement for those cards and i agree to pay the settlement amount of those cards, and made the payment with in the period of settlement letter. after some i received a legal notice for non payment of my father’s credit card dues and now i received call from collection again for making payment, now i do’t understand what was the earlier commit and received document from the bank for the settlement
Kindly light on this case and clarify some resolution on this case.

Shubham Tandan
S/o Late Mr. Ravi Tandon

Axis Bank Wrong rejection of home loan file

i have applied for home loan at axis bank Surat. My loan account no is 6531926.They have verified my job place,it was Ok. After that, they have visited my home and met my wife and brother. They have given satisfactory response. But one of my neighbor has bot identified me by my name. because he was in face to face touch with me only. so,axis guy have rejected my file.
i have contacted concerned official and requested to revisit my home.Again they have visited and got satisfactory response from my home. And again they have asked my neighbor and they have not given proper response and axis guy rejected my file.
In my society, people from different states and we are not in touch with each other so much.So,it is not necessary that all identifies me. But i assure that i live in this building only and we have 2 flats in this building on the name of my both brothers.
i feel very disappointed and not happy what axis have done. i want justice at any cost.
pls help me

Anil Pathak

Axis Bank Subsidy not received

Dear SirMadam,

I have taken loan from axis bank on date 17 November 2017 but till date i have not received any subsidy on my home loan ,i have already apply for the same with our bank,Please look into this and help me to get this subsidy from the govt.
I have give my home loan account number and my mobile number please help me on this.
Home loan no.PHR############.
Mobile no.9727250440
Email [email protected]

Nitin More.

Axis Bank Legal Heir vs Nominee in Gold Loan

Sheer Travesty of "Priority Banking" by Axis Bank Officials!
My mother was priority customer of the Axis Bank Main branch present at the Ram Mandir Sq., Bhubaneswar for many years. She passed away in Sept 2015 and as one of the legal heir I approached the Axis Bank branch to get a clarity on Assets and Liabilities. My mother had given me the contact number and name of their so called Priority Banking relationship manager. Since day 1 of approaching them they were worried about the liabilities than the assets that mom had in accounts. As a bank I understood that’s what they should be worrying about but there is a "way" of putting things across the table. I highlighted the issue by harsh talks, lack of professional behavior multiple times to the Branch Manager just to find out that he was just another such case!! What a mockery of customer service! Anyway, Mom had taken Gold loan which was already paid off by 60% and I cleared the balance 40% to access the gold asset. However I was told that the nominee was kept as a di!
stant cousin brother who happened to be our neighbor in the apartment as well. First I thought why would my mother not keep her son or daughter or even own brother as the nominee but keep a known acquaintance as nominee. I realize that may be she didn’t want her children to know that she had taken loans for us keeping the gold in bank! So, the loan was paid off by me in Feb,2016. Bank asked me to get an NOC from Nominee where as they were supposed to approach the nominee on their own since the legal heirs were claiming the un-pledged asset. In my personal capacity when I approached the nominee, it was shocking to see that he was not ready to sign the NOC with the reason that he was not informed by the bank officially that he should! So I asked the bank to send an intimation to nominee about this case. It took them ONE and HALF YEAR to send the letter to nominee in June-2017 after the loan was paid off in Feb-2016.I probably would have written at least 10+ emails, made ! multiple phone calls, had highlighted the delay multiple times!
going to the bank and meeting with the gold loan RM, the branch head and also the operations head. All went in vein for 1.5 years just to send a letter to the nominee!! Unbelievable. I still don’t know how this so called bank i.e. "Axis Bank" will help me if the nominee is not turning up. This is the truth of their so called "Priority Banking". If this is not the travesty of good customer service by such a leading bank in our country that what is?!!
I will share the updates here for public awareness as the case proceeds. Hopefully you as the consumer of such banks will not get swayed away by their marketing gimmicks and keep them on their toes to provide you "real service". Good luck to all of you especially the senior citizens of this country who are banking sharply on Banks in this country!! Please let your children know about your assets and liabilities and understand very clearly what should be the escalation process in case your so called "Bank" forgets you as a "Customer" after you pass away!!!


This is with utmost regret situation I am putting this mail to you.
I am Sorry but your bank has the least value to provide services to the customer,
Comming to the topic, my organisation Rentech Designs opened our salaried account in your Udyog vihar phase 4 Branch Gurgaon more than 2 years back. However, your service offered might not be satisfactory to there terms, henceforth they change our account "WITHOUT ANY SALARY TRANSFER EVER"…
Now what makes me really really upset with your bank is that if your bank is changing my zero salaried accounts to saving the account, they should mail me or take some permission from me some written notice ‘ SOMETHING AT LEAST" , but seems that the employee target of your bank is so important that the customer is of no value to you people, and your employees are free to take any decisions on behalf of clients.
My posting was changed to Mumbai office so I just have one option to go to nearest "AXIS BANK BRANCH" and get this sorted, However, your Axis bank people wanted me to go to the same branch from where my account is open which was in Gurgaon. So what I understand is that If tomorrow an account holder is transferred outside from his destination he should take a flight back and go to a home branch to rectify things…. this is atrocious and awfull service facility of your bank.
Every single month your meter of charging me for maintaining minimum saving balance is on, and I dont understand for what reason I am supposed to pay your bank anything when I never opted for converting the saving account for my never used salary account.
Above that your bank never send any " KIT" for this account, no chequebook no Debit Card nothing so what in your trail mail your bank is deactivating I have no idea
Repeated calls were been made to your customer care which they are only to offer me is some stupid service request number without any solution, to your company complaint portal n number of times I raised this issue but no solution.
I feel this to be the worst experience any bank can give to there client.
this complaint is for account no ending with *****8726

With Extreme regrets


I am a AXIS BANK Credit card holder. On 10TH of july 2017 I got a message in regards your card protection plan request is processed IN which i don’t agree and without my knowledge. Now i want you to take strict action against your executive or i will register a complaint in consumer forum. You may communicate through mail.
PHONE NO – 9213322113

Axis Bank Unauthorize Charge

Hello I Mr.Vikash Roy bearing account no.916020050064700 and using AXIS bank POS machine ,before installing POS its was directed to me that there would BE no extra charge but when I started using it seems that so many extra charge was there AND IT USED TO GET DEDUCTED FROM THE ACCOUNT.Later I stop using or doing transaction in POS machine I went to bank many time asking to surrender POS machine and to get refunded which has been charge during the installation of POS machine ,but no action was taken and also no one responded to close down my account which I dont want to use anymore. For which there is an Minus amount which is being charge and which I’ll am not be able to pay. Kindly look into the matter and plz close my account and take back POS machine. Thanks N Regards
Vikash Roy