Axis Bank Consolidated & Cheque charges

PFB, the screen snap of the charges I have been charged for .

I have been a sincere account holder at your bank bearing account (915010017799302 ).past three months, a sum of Rs. 700+ Approx was incorrectly deducted from my savings account on the dates mentioned above . I claim a refund for the same on using non axis ATM due to emergency of no axis ATM nearby also not functioning when needed , I have been charged for 700+ rupees Approx. I would request you to please waive this amount as I’m not happy to pay that to the bank .Because that was really an emergency situation due to which i was not able to search for axis bank ( FYI none of the axis bank were Working ) Also Would like to highlight that The Card does not get accepted in the First Place (ERROR : Sorry ! we cannot read your card , This is the error I have been experiencing from PAST MONTH ) ,And the ATM machine i used was next to AXIS ATM and was out order , and This Happened Same with me in all Axis bank ATM located in kondhwa if u see the statement ,Due to no AXIS ATM an!
d there is One which was Again Out of order had to use NON axis ATM in emergency .Which hampered my free withdrawal in month . Last but not the least I fail to understand what’s happening with the customer service with axisbank over here? I received a text message from axis on dated 15 Apr 2018
ATM withdrawal fee : Rs 80

Cheque Return fee : 447.57

Total : Rs.527.57 ( excluding GST) .. Is this a joke ?Which cheque was stopped how come I have not been notified about this earlier , This kind a service of your bank is turning worse and worse day by day , I have stopped looking into this until last week when it really got on my nerves the bank just decided one fine day to deduct that money I want this fix to be on priority Or I will have to take this further from here. I’m neglecting this and giving an excuse from last 5 – 6 months did not complaint or highlighted this until this incident

I need a neutral party to look into this who handles such kind of queries and will reply with a satisfied answer As I’m not happy I was going through the statements , Which makes me wonder the charges I have
been charged for . Well I kept my resolve for quite long, And the Customer service is appalling. None of your ATM functions properly, I would Request you to investigate on number Of times I have inserted my card in the ATM (Get the Records of it ) And that should clear the Air , Where the Glitch is. Also I want the Consolidated Charges reverse for all the time I have been charged for, I m not happy with your service at all. There is absolutely no doubt that this was an erroneous deduction. Kindly scrutinize the error and refund the amount back into my account. I would be grateful if this could be done without further delay as I am undergoing a financial trouble these days due to recessive business.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Latest charges :

Fahim Shaikh

2nd email

Hi Team,
Disappointed with you service as usual, I got a call from your department ,The guy who spoke to me was from the AJMERA COMPLEX ( Axis bank branch ) he had no Idea why he called , he said he will check the details and get back to me the guy did noy introduce himself and started with the concern and hardly spoke to me for 5 minutes , But haven’t heard anything from anyone, I’m wondering now and regretting that why did I elect to avail services with your bank its a dreadful customer service I have experienced .
Please follow up with the concern I have raised or I will have to take this further from here.
This concern I have raised I have also experienced the same concern yesterday with your ATM , You can check your records for the evidence I have also noted the time and the number of ATM i tried Yesterday, Pathetic ATM service .
Issue not resolved yet !
Hoping for your kind consideration.

3rd Email :

Hi Team ,
Issue for my card and the charges I have been charged for has not been resolved , I kept my patience for long but there is no response from your team,I’m not sure how seriously you taken this is a joke in terms of customer service, I have dropped you email last week as well ,Let me highlight One more Incident to you which occured many time but I want to bring this one dated : 01 May 2018 .
PFA, for the reference. As usual the service of your ATM is pathetic ,On Friday 26th & 27th April, specially from Hinjewadi Till Kondhwa ,As many ATM you have,I have tried all of them and none of them were Working or had no Cash,For you to track my records I entered my pin incorrectly for which I got notification for your reference and proof that the atm were malfunctioning in from hinjewadi till kondhwa. I’m not happy as I was again charged for 600rs on saturday I had an urgency of money I asked one of my friend to transfer on saturday he transferred 1400 in which 650 was again deducted,Your complaint team is not skilled or do not call after checking the facts which is the most annoying thing than your services. I want someone to look into this and get a resolution for sure
( Sorry! PIN is incorrect. 3 incorrect attempts will block your card till IST 21:30 hrs today. To set a new PIN, select SET PIN at the ATM or call 18605005555 Please contact the Bank if you have not done this transaction.

Looking for a healthy response

Fahim Shaikh
Mobile # 8698311204 ( Available from 11 AM till 3 PM )
NOTE : Relation ship consultant just called twice

4th Email :

Hi team,
The Money is not been deposited yet for consolidate charges , How ever have been charged again, This is getting on my nerves now , I want this to be resolved and please call me asap, Your relationship consultant just spoke to me once and said will take this issue further for the charges I have been charged for however ICICI does not have any concern or bother about the charges so why I’m getting charged from 3rd party who has nothing to do with this.
I want consolidated charges to be deposited ASAP , I have been charged again. PFA,for the charges.
Nobody called your customer service has lack of empathy .

I want to get this fix or take it up to someone who can actually help.
Also 6 months earlier I changed My Branch from Ajmera Complex to CAMP and got it confirmed by your relationship manager ,Now guess what , They say its not been changed and the Transaction which I doing with my friends they are using the IFSC code for camp to send me money ..Strange & funny.
Where this time when I spoke with the people from Ajmera who called formally to acknowledge my complaint confirmed its nott been change , I was stumped , And when I ask the reson why she had no answer and i told her that people are using IFSC code for camp to send transfer money ,The Respone I get was more funny " Usey kuch farak nahi girta hai kahi ka bhi use kar sakte IFSC code "

Fahim Shaikh
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Axis Bank account charges

I have a current account with axis bank which was opened a year back when i was told i need to maintain quarterly balance of 10,000/- but when i checked my statement a month back, i was shocked to see that the bank had charged me charges almost every month and when i checked with customer support they told me i had to maintain the balance every month instead of a quarter, i feel cheated and disgusted, i hope someone can help me get my amount back as they have charged around 8-9k in the period of 9-10 months.

Axis Bank Not able to transfer funds

This is to inform you that I am not able to transfer payments through Internet Banking.
Actually when I try to transfer fund ,it is showing this message "access to the menu is not available. Please contact bank administrator". I need it urgently.
So kindly let me know whom should I contact for this issue or any suggestion what should I do.
Thanks & Regards
Aakanksha Tuli