Axis Bank Consolidated charges

Respected Madam/Sir,
I have axis bank account which was then used as salary account in 2016. Since then the account was in active and last month I decided to make it active and use it as my saving account, by maintaining minimum amount i.e 10000 rs.
This month everything was fine, but early morning today my account was deducted nearly 10000rs as consolidated charges, not maintaining min. balance. 8900 rs +1500(gst)
I am currently unemployed and cannot afford such a huge loss. I have to pay for my younger sisters exam fee.
I don’t know what to do and whom to ask for help. I called customer care but they gave an explanation which was unarguable.

Please I need reverse consolidation of charges deducted on 13th October early morning without informing me the exact amount of deduction.. Please do the need ful and kindly look into the request..
Now seriously i am lacking money to pay the fees..

Axis Bank Payment not received

Mene 2oct. Ko phone se axisbank ki upi id pe 7000 rupay beje jo axis bank ke upi transaction history me received dekh raha h lekin main balance or statement me show ni kar raha h. Axis bank se contact kiya to wo bol rahe ki koi amount receive ni hua h Axis bank ki upi transaction ka screenshot niche dal raha hu Please help me
My axisbank acc. 918010039859308
Ifsc:- UTIB0000763

Suresh kumar jakhar
Mob. 8104030608

Axis Bank Axis Bank — bank not responding for accounts opening

I am trying to open one corporate account for my company and two current accounts for my brothers in Dharmapuri Axis Bank. I am trying for more than 4 weeks(From 1.9.2019). But no response from them. I already gave them signed account opening form 3 weeks ago But they didnt do anything. Yesterday(26.9.2019) i went to bank to inquire about that, they didnt say anything so taken back all my documents (GST document, KYC documents) from them.

They already visited our business place last month itself. Their manager also visited at that time. From on i am asking them to open account but they keep on saying some excuses. Whenever i am calling them they said they will come to us in 1 hour like that. but they never came. And then they never picking my call . Initially 2 persons did like that so I complained to branch manager, he introduced another person. Now He also doing the same.

We already have one corporate account, 1 current account and 5 savings accounts in Axis bank, But this time Axis Bank gives worst experience . This seems there is no interest to do banking operations. When I ask about this to branch head, he also didnt give proper answer, he said that he will ask one of them to call me. And also he saying that their representative called me like that but they never did.

Axis Bank failure to refund reported fruad, failure to follow due deligence, making false promises and lying to customers

I Balachander, hold my account with Axis bank. I had reported a fraud transaction on 6th of July 2019 for INR 6500 complaint number 53080511.

On the first call, customer care informed me that the amount will be refunded within 10 to 15 days as I’ve filed the complaint.

When I followed up on the issue after a few days, the customer care now informed me that I need to submit paperwork for the same and only then I will receive a refund. I was now frustrated by the wrong information that had been provided earlier by axis bank and informed them not to provide wrong information with customers.

I went to my home branch Ganapathy, Coimbatore TN and submitted the paper work informed on 11th of july 2019.

When I called customer care again they said on the 11th of August the amount will be refunded (I have a call recording of this from Axis bank)

I waited till then and when I called again on 13th I was told that there is still processing on going and paper work has not been submitted. I connected the customer service with my branch and the bank employee had mentioned that the paper work was submitted, but it wasn’t done accordingly to their internal process, and was requested to mention that I have submitted the paper work on 11th of July so the request can be processed.

I waited again and followed up many times with customer care, and every time I call they told me paper work was not submitted and when I call the branch they said paper work has been submitted.

I was being bounced around between branch and customer care, and the complaint 53080511 was rejected and the reason that was given is that my paper work was not submitted.

When I called the branch and asked them to re-submit the paper work and I requested the branch to add a letter stating that I have submitted the paper work, the bank refused to give me acknowledgment it.
Unacceptable behavior that when a customer requests their information and Axis Bank doesn’t have the courtesy to address it.

I had to travel from bangalore to coimbatore to my home branch and I had to ask them to re submit my complaint with a new complaint number that has been generated 54344672 and submitted on 7th September 2019

The branch had informed me that they will update on monday, there has been no calls from the branch till date.

I called customer care and they have informed me that the request was rejected due to non submission of documents within the required 20 days time period. My letter to the bank has a clear date mentioned that I have given the paper work on 11/7/2019 which is just 6 days from when the transaction happened, even this 6 days wouldn’t have been delayed but that happened because of wrong information given by Axis bank customer care.

This kind of treatment of customers makes it so that Axis bank has failed in any due diligence, the marketing department calls us for credit cards and investments in stocks but when I requested the customer service to specifically put someone on my cause they said they can’t do that.

There has been plenty of customers that might not be getting their money back due to this kinda behavior from Axis Bank and they might not follow through or report the issue.

I have escalated this issue because Axis bank only seem to drag the case or reject my application when I have followed everything in accordance with their request and as per regulations laid out by RBI for banks.

The issue with Axis Bank

– Lying to customer on several occasions
– failure at branch to process the paperwork on time (had processed the paper work almost after a month) – false promise that the money will be refunded
– Wasting customers time
– Failure to assist in providing paper work at the branch
– forcing customers to visit branch when it was initially a failure to process paper work on time – lack of responsibility and provide proper resolution
– avoiding calls when i tried calling axis bank branch employees – no follow up from Axis bank on the incident

I have the call recordings for the above. Please address this issue.

Axis Bank Negative Balance more then 7000

2017 I opened axis bank account to save money. Due to financial issue later unable to maintain AMB then bank start imposing negative charges after balance touched zero. Now account showing 7000 negative charges. Visit branch they told me I have to paid 7000+1000(for closer). As I opened the account to save some money now they start robbing me openly. I read somewhere according to 2015-16 RBI guidelines bank donât have right to imposed negative charges on customers account after balance touch down zero. 1st July 2019 I raised complaint with axis bank NE ombudsman A Basu for resolution but he donât even unable to solve my issue.

Axis Bank Heavy consolidation charges deducted from my savings account ₹6105 and ₹1086 as Gst charges

Dear sir, I have saving account in axis bank till date from long years back, last 9(nine) month due to my financial situation I did not able to maintain the the minimum balance., but when I want to use my account at that moment my account was debited in ₹210, so I used to operate my account but surprised after some days say about after 15 days my account is debited ₹6105 as consolidation charges and ₹1086 as Gst charges. Which is fraud, loot from the public. So I request you to please solve the problem as soon as possible and instruct to deposit my money immediately, Thank you.. SMRUTI RANJAN DAS saving a/c no 551010100048578, ifc UTIB0000551