Axis Bank Unauthorized scheme change of Home Loan

My loan a/c no. is PHR01260xxxxxxx. I made a prepayment of Rs. 30, 000/- on 10-Jul-2019 and the same is adjusted in principal amount but my tenure wrongly changed from 240 months to 140 month. Also When I taken the loan than it is decided that principal amount will be fixed as Rs. 14, 906/- but in revised repayment schedule it shown variable and also increasing. Already given mail to axis bank and lodge complaint but no response received from Them. Axis bank not taken care of its customer. Very bad impression create by Axis bank employee as well as Axis bank management not to solve any matter in a timely manner.

Axis Bank Consolidated charges

I have saving account in axis bank ..every month they r deducting more thn 500 from my account as consolidated charges I just kept quite but today they have deducted 7000 from my account ..I was undergoing some treatment I really want that amount back or else will give complaints until I get my amount back I ll not lv u ppl plz don’t play with our life 7000 is not small amount for me..1 month hospital treatment amount plz refund it my account number 916010053534782

Axis Bank Consolidated Charges

I have a salary account in AXIS bank since 2012. A couple of days they levied consolidated charges on my account of Rs. 500, which pushed my balance to negative. On a transaction I never did. After inquiring firat they told me that it was a cheque bounce charge I denied cos I have not used a check for the past 6 months. After a few more visits I came to know that I made a transaction of Rs. 400 on 26th of June, which I have never did.
Today in the afternoon I got another message from the bank abiut consolidated charges of Rs. 888 and 18% GST Rs. 159. The bank is not providing adequate information on the app. Neither they are providing information at the branch.
For the first bank charges I had to visit two branches about 5 times. After which they gave me this rebuttle. What should I do they keep deducting charges and I have to try so hard to reach the root of the problem.

Axis Bank POS online merchant

Respected Sir/Madam,
Myself S. Selvimeena as I have done a online payment for axis bank with account number-917020059215979 as the amount has been deducted from my ICICI bank account successfully but the concern bank didn’t receive the payment yet as this online POS payment is through Amman restaurant in Madurai as they have received money in both cash and online card payment as I am an investor National Stock Market as I am really fed with type of transaction as I request you to please take immediate action against this axis bank account number as well as the concern POS payment merchant immediately.I am waiting for positive response from your asap Thanking you
S. Selvimeena

Axis Bank Reversal Consolidated Charges

Hello Axis Team,

I have a salary account in Axis A/c no 914010028805691 Without any information consolidated charges will be deducted from my a/c,

i should refund my full consolidated charges. I will if I will don’t suggest and a close My account please i humble requested to you please urgently reversal consolidated charges

reversal consolidated charges whether i will close my salary account.


Hi, we regret the inconvenience caused. Please share with us your registered contact details and we will get back at the earliest.
Also please note, as part of the resolution process, our executives will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. Regards, Team Axis Bank.