Axis Bank consolidated charge

Hi, we wish to inform you that consolidated charges are levied by the Bank depending on the type of Savings Account you hold with the Bank or on account of any additional service/product you have opted from the Bank. Request you to visit the following link to get the details: Regards, Team Axis Bank.

Axis Bank Dispute on Consolidated Charges

To the branch manager (Axis Bank) B.T. Kawade Road.

I would like to lodge a complaint in regards to Consolidated Charges that the bank has charged me without any explanation. My account with Axis Bank was a Salary Account which was converted to Personal Savings Account a few months ago. I was told by the bank that you will not incur any charges at the time of filling up an application as this will be a zero balance account. No maintenance required.

Twice the bank charged me for this Consolidated Charges which reflects in my bank statement. On 11 Apr ’20 there’s a charge of Rs. 391.20 & on 17 May ’20 there’s a charge of Rs. 500.00

I’m not sure If I was charged in the past or couple of months or years back. This is a complaint against the Axis Bank Pune (Address: Showroom No 1A & 1B, Gr Flr, Gran Exito S No 172, Bhagwan Tatyasaheb Kawade Rd, Ghorpuri, Pune, Maharashtra 411011).

I need a resolution to this problem. I was this to be fixed permanently. I want the charges to be waived off or close the account permanently.

A/C No: 915010042195898
Email: [email protected]

Axis Bank Regarding ECPP assistance service charge debited without my permission

ECPP Money Deduction Axis bank
INR 1,699 was debited from my Credit Card for ECPP Assistance on 20th April at 3.26 PM, I don’t know what service that is and why was it deducted without my consent. Registered Mobile no – 7039041365, Credit card No – ################, I would like an immediate refund and stop this service ASAP

Warm regards,
Rajkumar fulore