I am Dibya Jyoti Sarmah, My Account No. is – 917010085447662. From last month my account was debited so many time as mention Consolidated DP charges. when i maintain some amount in this account that time it charges some Consolidated dp charges. I never open any demat account, then why my account was charged. please help me and return my money.

Axis Bank Fraud Transaction From Axis Bank Account

I had fraudulent transactions happened on my debit card with out my concern or otp as below on 28th may 18

Account number : [protected]

1.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 1.00 on 18-03-2019 17:35:26 A/c Bal is INR 3957.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *SERVICES/ *SERVICES/Seq No ############
2.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 449.00 on 18-03-2019 17:35:33 A/c Bal is INR 3508.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *Octro Inc/ *Octro Inc/Seq No ############
3.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 449.00 on 18-03-2019 17:35:56 A/c Bal is INR 3059.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *Octro Inc/ *Octro Inc/Seq No ############
4.A/c 941512 is debited with INR 449.00 on 18-03-2019 17:36:11 A/c Bal is INR 2610.33 Info: PUR/GOOGLE *Octro Inc/ *Octro Inc/Seq No ############.

I lost inr 1498 with out my involvement, i never deal with this site for any transaction in the past. Request you to help me and refund back my amount.
And i dont want this again in future.
Please let me know if you need any other information.

Axis Bank Complaint for Mental and Financial Harassment

Hi All,

I am writing this Email to you all after facing so much problem and mental harassment by axis bank.
I applied for personal loan of 400000 INR on 26/02/2019 due to urgent financial need and My application ID is 9779891. I selected axis bank because I had used axis bank personal loan service and I am still using axis bank personal banking service.
After giving all the require documents to axis bank agent on 27/02/2019. I was hoping that my loan will be disbursed by end of the next week. After that I got SMS that my application been approved on Sunday(03/03/2019). I was very happy with axis bank at that time because I am hoping that I will get my loan by end of the week. But there were so much to happen in story. I applied this loan because there is urgent financial need and I don’t have much time.
I selected axis bank in place of ICICI bank( Salary account bank) because of my previous experience with axis bank.
After signing agreement, on the day of disbursement that was FRIDAY as i was got commitment for this. I got call from the same agent who received my documents that my interest rate been revised for the loan i.e. 13,25% from 11.75% after rechecking my salary slips.
I was not able to understand the logic that your Manager Personal loan told me that My salary is low. I don’t know why they did not check this earlier why on the day of disbursement. It create problem for me and start harassing me for 13.25% interest rate. But for your information My salary is not low as they all are saying to me. My salary is 97K per month. I have submitted my salary slips and all this harassment I eve submitted my compensation plan to justify my salary. Even My HR was ready to tell them about my compensation plan to your manager and was ready to give unnecessary confirmation for all this bullshit reason. After all this mental and financial harassment cause of this loan, I was ready to take 13.25% interest for this loan because I am needy and i am in hurry, Again I signed the agreement and cheques.
After all this your manager give me commitment that My loan will be disburse on Monday(11/03/2019) with interest rate of 13.25% and I accepted it with sad heart.
But after all this I got call that my application been declined now after all this bullshit.
Now it is totally financial and mental harassment of me. I wasted my two weeks for this loan and I was in urgent financial need and after all this process and signing agreement and mental and financially harassment for interest rate of 13.25% what I am getting that my application been declined without any reasons. My credit score is very good and I salary compensation is 97K INR. I did not any reason for this application decline.
You AXIS bank and your Personals Harass me financially and mentally. After all this worse experience I even don’t want continue my saving account with I will close it soon and I will close all my familiy and referal account with you AXIS bank. I will complaint even in the consumer forum for all this harassment. The financial loss I am bearing because of all this.

I will definitely complain about all this harassment in consumer forum. Because you wasted my two week urgent time in this urgent and needy situation of this loan. You waste my time and harass me mentally and financially.
Its really a bad and pathetic service that I faced by your representative and your bank this time.
I will take you to consumer forum for this harassment and I want to know the reason for my decline application and what basis you personal told me that my salary is low and how they offer me 13.25% interest rate in place of 11.75% interest rate.
How did they calculate all this bullshit what kind of mathematics they used for all this.Now I am seeing how educated and professional your personals are.

I want a clear explanation for all this harassment.
Axis bank I never expected all this shit form you. I am not going to use your service in future.

Shobhit Saxena

Axis Bank My savings account has negative 1800 balance for not maintaning minimum balance

I am current having axis bank savings account which I have not operated for a long time. as I did not maintain minimum balance, the balance went up to negative 690. I visited Kengeri branch in Bangalore to close the account by paying the negative balance but I was told the account is frozen and and they cant close it as the my account is operated from Mysore branch. Since then the balance has gone to negative 1800. I am not getting proper help from axis bank to close the account and the penalty charges getting accumulated. I am not getting proper help to close the account and as per RBI directive banks cannot make balance negative in savings account for not maintaining minimum balance

Axis Bank Credit Card

Dear Sir,

My name is Akansha Mittal and m using an Axis Bank credit card for which i was the valuable customer of Axis Bank.
On 31-07-2018 i made a complete payment of 52981 INR for my credit card(Billed and Un-billed)and the same was credited to my account on the same day but after then it was already 5 months left,still i did not receive any statement through(call/message/hard copy at registered address/email) from Axis Bank but at last in the current month of January 2019 i got a call from Axis Bank collection department that there was some amount due on your account which is going to increase every month by applying all applicable charges of Axis Bank.
I called customer care department of Axis Bank and asked the same from them but they told me that there was some error in banks portal due to your(Akansha Mittal) details of contact number and email address was removed so that the statement was not delivered at respective number and email-id so i asked them that this is not customer’s fault as how a customer’s data can be removed from banks portal so they took a complaint for reversal of all applied interest,finance and late payment fee charges and the extra charges will get reversed within 4-5 working days but after not getting any closure for that i contact again to Axis Bank customer care department and spoke in their senior department with Mr.Pradeep-Senior Escalation Department and after hearing all my queries he also told me the same that it will be resolved within 4-5 working days and i need not to call to customer care department for the same but again the same was happened at their end and still there ! is no feedback and result in favor of me.
So today i called again and spoke to Mr.Vinod Kumar-Senior Manager-Escalation Department but he also have the same answer.
In such a way kindly help me as loosing data of a customer from bank’s end is not customer’s fault due to which i faced my CIBIL score down and not eligible to apply for any type of loan/credit card.
Yours Sincerely
Akansha Mittal
Credit Card Number- ############-8679

Axis Bank Unauthorised Transaction for eccp

Dear Customer,

Thank you for banking with Axis Bank.

Rs.1,649.00 was spent on your Axis Bank Credit Card xx0662 on 21-Jan-19 09:43:19 PM at ECPP ASSISTANCE SERV.
Please contact Customer Service 18605005555/18604195555 if this transaction was not authorized by you or if you wish to convert any transaction above Rs. 2500.00 into EMI.
Assuring you of our best services.


Axis Bank
Credit Cards

I don’t want this service for my credit card, so kindly please refund and credit the deducted amount to my account. Thank you.