Axis Bank credit card

CREDIT CARD NO. 45145600****9997
I have been using Axis bank credit card last 5 years. Last July I got a wrong debit in my credit card, immediately reported to the credit card division and customer care division.
And have settled the credit card bill on the 5th of August.Since then I have sent hundreds of mails to the nodal officer and the credit card division. Only in december I was told that the wrong debit been credited back to my account (credit card account). The credit card account was suspended when the wrong debit was made 4 months back. Now also there is no credit card existing. 1. Wrong debit was made with out referring
2. It should not have been charged to me immediately
3. When I paid and when it was proved to be a wrong debit, immediate refund should have been given to my s/b account
4. All these delays to be charged in the same rate as delay credit card payment, as the fault is on bank’s side 5. At the least somebody from the bank side should respond?

Axis Bank Unnecessary deduction in name of consolidated charges

Hii !!!! My name is Atul Kumar . I don’t know what’s going on with Axis bank. Are they fooling people or what? Without any description they deducted 579-579 for 2 times total 1158 at salary time at name of consolidated charges & then till 1st Dec’18 it was showing -579 in my account & at the time of credit of salary an amount of 3540 deducted at name of consolidated charges . I contacted to their phone banking officer , i asked them to explain for the whole amount but they were unable to explain the exact & then they disconnected the call. I have their recording. Today again in spite of 25k account balance again i got deduction of 4002.48 & then at same time of 720.45 . Again i called & they were unable to explain. Now it’s high time , I will go to RBI & consumer court for this . Even phone banking officer is telling we can’t give surety of deduction from next time even aftr maintaining balance of 25k . Are you people doing!
fraud in name of consolidated charges. I will go with proper recording of calls of so many time when they were unable to explain & disconnected the call. But without any intimation bank deducted approx 8k/- in name of consolidated charges from account. I try to spoke to customer care but no once ready to help .
After long time good relationship the back i don’t want to end this engagement to this manner . Need your help to get back my money.

Now I want only full explanation & full refund of my hard earned money.. You people will learn a lesson now . I can’t sit back after going all this .

MY contact : +917008963735
Email : [email protected]

Axis Bank Regarding Home loan Interest Subsidy

My name is Bhavana Ashok Tak, I had taken home loan in March 2016 from Axis Bank and even applied for Home loan Interest Subsidy in Aug. 2017 but still I have not received subsidy in my A/C. Even though I visited bank for this issue but i did not received any response from them.
So, I request you to look in to this issue ASAP.

My Home Loan details are as below:

Name of Bank : Axis Bank, SB Rd, Pune
Loan A/C Name: Bhavana Ashok Tak
Loan A/C No.: PHR############