Bajaj Finserv ECS/EMI account changed – charged bouncing charges

Dear sir,

I have taken the bajaj loan for need basis and using the same from last 3 years. Because of your high interest rate, processing charges, AMC charges & Insurance charges, you made me not to utilise loan at optimum level.

Recently my ECS/ EMI account has been closed and given you new account details of cancelled cheque and statement also, you have presented the ECS to old account and charged bouncing charges 3000/-. This is truly not acceptable, as my new account is having sufficient funds. Instead of presenting to new account you have presented ECS/EMI to my old account.

You have to take some procedures and policies for customers who are changing the accounts and don’t charge unnecessarily bouncing charges.

Santosh Kumar

Bajaj Finserv Bajaj Finserv — rs.118 debited from my account named as : bajajfin_mndtvrfchgs Mar19

I am paying the EMIs on time and the Bajaj Finserv is debiting amount without any notice from my account. Please refund my amount. I am not clear why they are doing like this? while giving loan they say it is 0% interest but they are debiting amount like this. My customer ID: 14003392

Bajaj Finserv Blocking card without any reason.

I have a bajaj finserv digital emi card. My customer id is 5024367. My registered mobile number is 9853190054. For the month of December ecs for loan was not deducted. But I had sufficient balance in my account. The emi was not deducted from my account for their fault. Still they blocked my card. Even they have taken fines from my account digitally. After writing to bajajfinserv and submitting my statements they are not trying to solve my problem.

Bajaj Finserv Undisclosed foreclosure charges

Hi team,

Please help me sort this issue. I had taken a flexi loan of around 5 lacs and did a topup of 3 lacs last year with interest rate of 15.25%. Loan account number is 405SPF36333178. While taking a loan i was told that there won’t be any foreclosure charges and so i encouraged my younger brother also who took a flexi loan of 13 lacs last year at rate of interest 13.99% and within a year itself he closed the loan account with no foreclosure charges.
However now when i am going to close my loan acccount 405SPF36333178 by paying the outstanding balance. It is showing me shocking extra foreclosure charges of around Rs.68000/- which is around 8% of loan taken.
Kindly help me to close the loan as per terns that was promised to me by your loan executives at Mumbai (Goregaon) branch.
Hitesh Sharma

Bajaj Finserv Unusual Money deduction from Bank

Bajaj Finserv the most popular finance company in our city is doing useless and not tolerable things with was the beginning of the month there was enough amount for them to deduct the EMI amount as I am a holder of laptop and refrigerator bought with their EMI service.I don’t know why they didn’t deducted the money!!!but on 9th oct this year they deducted it.Ok
But after few days they called me and said that I have not paid the bill of this year!
I thought may be there are some problem so I took screenshots of the bank messages and sent it to them.Then they said ok.And I thought the problem has come to an end.But again after 2-3 days there was a message claiming that I need to pay 450 fine charge? I mean why?Why should I pay?U didn’t deducted the money was that my fault? But I didn’t pay much attention to that and ignored.
Now today the 450rs has deducted from my account and after 2 hours later someone called me saying that I have noit paid anything of this month!
I mean is this a company?Who are providing us serviced without having updated details of their customer?and deducting the money for giving Diwali Bonus to their employees?I want my money back.Do possible needs