Bajaj Finserv unauthentic emi credit in my account

I would like to inform you that my loan are already closed and i also mentioned in the email ( we care,bajaj ceo,cfo)that information I have already given in my email complain but still all account ECS`s coming in my account.
I think you are given same information as I have already given in my email early.
What I got Issue due to you that you are not giving resolution but what amount pending I have to pay that you are asking to pay. I have already mention in my early mail that i will pay after resolution.
As per your employee`s(Akash) instruction I have not paid amount in account and i got this problem and i am trying to resolve this problem since last 3 moths and i was not got proper replay excepted pending EMI collection only. Today one of the guy called up me and telling your loan is got foreclose and you have to pay 78,000/- . I have lost 14,500/- & Cibil credit due to your company`s mistake and I have not paid only one EMI of 6990 and ask for resolution asap I am ready to clear my dues and you guys are forcing me for foreclose loan? If you want to follow you system(withing 6 months 1 EMI got over due you put account in foreclose) and sending my case in legal, then I will also go for legal(because only 1 EMI got overdue due to you Issues I have keep enough balance to clear).
In place of resolving my issue I have to face your legal person, it got spoiled my credit also.
Please look after in this matter I want to clear my dues and make my account regular.
Then after you are not interested to resolve (14,500/- amount and my Cibil score) I will escalate this matter in media also.
there is not reply from bajaj finance and not getting resolution, i am suffering last 4 month. and bank are taking charge month on month amount are minumum 10000 local office to talk with abusing word and not getting solution and support.
i need help




Bajaj Finserv Bajaj Finserv Fraudulent Loan Account No 498017650


This is really very dissapointing and frustrating that the same time to be ignored by such an esteemed financial institution when I am seeking for cooperation.
On 7th July (Saturday), I went to the Bajaj Finserv office to seek clarification regarding the issue which has crumbled my financial stability to ashes. The Sec V Kolkata branch turned me down stating that they have no information and will not be able to help me.
Please let me know how can I get the error report removed from my CIBIL and Credit score. How can I remove the 21 dings that Bajaj Finserv has suddenly put on my name. Do I need to pay it off so that it can be removed?
Please go through the chain email as it explains the entire issue. I was even promised over the phone that it would be taken off within 5 working days. It has been more than 10 working days and I still have no clarification.
The Issue is summed up below:

Bajaj Finserv has reported a Consumer Loan (Account Number 498017650) which was never ever taken and I have no clue how it has been put in my name. It states that the loan start date is 23rd July 2007 for an amount of Rs33592. The last payment was made on 31st March 2009 and the only amount due is Rs1677.
In 2007, I was in no means to apply for any loan as I had just completed college. My PAN number was issued after 23rd July 2007. To my surprise I see that this catastrophic error by Bajaj Finserv was reported suddenly from September 2016 on my Credit Report. If the last payment date was 31st March 2009, why did they wait for 7 years and 6 months to report this!!!? The amount Due shows Rs 1677 which means I had all the money to pay off Rs 31915 and suddenly I went bankrupt before paying the EMI of Rs 1677.
I am Disputing this fradulent charge on my Credit Report which has brought down my score to a shameful 592. I have never missed any payment and I have been always paying on time, however, this fraudulent charge has negatively impacted my score to such an extent that I will not be able to get any loan or any credit card in future.
I have never made any purchase from Bajaj Finserv and I will never ever make any for the suffering that I have received as a gift.
Thanks and regards,
Biswajit Banerjee
+91 7595049995

Bajaj Finserv Regarding refund my balance amount

Sir I was purchasing Panasonic led TV from Sudha cell at bilaspur on 6th July but due to cost reason I have withdrawal my idea. At that day without purchasing process rs 90000/- has been dedecuted in my EMI card. For this purpose I have already lodged complaint on 14th July 2018 but no action had been taken in your end…
Kindly take suitable action at the earliest please…

My name Sunil Kumar Walmik
S/o Late Sukhdayal Singh
My card no xxxxx9518
My registerd mobile no 9589451308
Add Devnanadan nagar phase 2 Baima Nagaoi road
Bilaspur chhattisgarh

Yours faithfully