Bajaj Finserv Undisclosed foreclosure charges

Hi team,

Please help me sort this issue. I had taken a flexi loan of around 5 lacs and did a topup of 3 lacs last year with interest rate of 15.25%. Loan account number is 405SPF36333178. While taking a loan i was told that there won’t be any foreclosure charges and so i encouraged my younger brother also who took a flexi loan of 13 lacs last year at rate of interest 13.99% and within a year itself he closed the loan account with no foreclosure charges.
However now when i am going to close my loan acccount 405SPF36333178 by paying the outstanding balance. It is showing me shocking extra foreclosure charges of around Rs.68000/- which is around 8% of loan taken.
Kindly help me to close the loan as per terns that was promised to me by your loan executives at Mumbai (Goregaon) branch.
Hitesh Sharma

Bajaj Finserv Unusual Money deduction from Bank

Bajaj Finserv the most popular finance company in our city is doing useless and not tolerable things with was the beginning of the month there was enough amount for them to deduct the EMI amount as I am a holder of laptop and refrigerator bought with their EMI service.I don’t know why they didn’t deducted the money!!!but on 9th oct this year they deducted it.Ok
But after few days they called me and said that I have not paid the bill of this year!
I thought may be there are some problem so I took screenshots of the bank messages and sent it to them.Then they said ok.And I thought the problem has come to an end.But again after 2-3 days there was a message claiming that I need to pay 450 fine charge? I mean why?Why should I pay?U didn’t deducted the money was that my fault? But I didn’t pay much attention to that and ignored.
Now today the 450rs has deducted from my account and after 2 hours later someone called me saying that I have noit paid anything of this month!
I mean is this a company?Who are providing us serviced without having updated details of their customer?and deducting the money for giving Diwali Bonus to their employees?I want my money back.Do possible needs

Bajaj Finserv Unwanted promotional calls from Bajaj Finance/Finserve

Unwanted promotional calls from Bajaj Finance/Finserve

Daily 5 to 6 times phone calls and SMS from bajaj finserve end 1400820130 comes regarding to take loan. I am not interested to take loan . So please stop the same if not than i shall move to consumer court.
Please remove my number from you database and stop irritating me.

Bajaj Finserv bajaj finance frequently calling onow n not in any kind of involvement of his/her loan harassing

Hello sir
I, shr.sanjay kundhadia n my complaint is from ur bajaj finance loan dept. Constantly calling me by 62362731/33/34 n harassing me by asking some unknown persons name n munbr whom I don’t know n she talked in very rough language .I don’t have any involvement in any bajaj loan n finance . Pls take some action in this matter or I will launch a harassment complaint against u.Thanking you.

Bajaj Finserv Unauthorized Deduction

Hi Bajaj ,

They have deducted Rs.99 unauthorized deduction from my Bank account . I don’t have any running loan or nothing.
Please let me know why and by whose authorization have you debited the amount. I have nothing pending with Bajaj Finserv. I don’t have any loans with you. I wonder why you deducted , please return the same .
If this continues,it won’t be long before you lose your customer base. Date deduction 28th April
I expect the amount to be returned with proper explanation from your end.
I can see many have lodged the same complaint, so it must be an issue from your side.
Date of transaction: 28/04/17
Amount: Rs. 99
Name: Milind Govind Borwankar
Mobile: 8767661299

Bajaj Finserv Horrible Hidden Charges

Not at all good place to take the loan with Bajaj Finserv, They will simply loot all your money. Many Hidden charges
I have taken the loan with 432000 they just disburse only 4,03,000. Remaining money they just looted.
After my queries and complaints they made my part payment charges to zero. Now I want to make part payment they just not accepting and they are charging 2.72% of charges.
Simple looting money from the middle class people.

My Request is to not to take any loan with this company.

Bajaj Finserv misbehavior &harassment

I had applied to Bajaj, for availing credit facilities reference above application no., same was rejected by Bajaj Finserve, basis which I had asked Bajaj’s representative to return my Documents & PDC/UDC he has already collected. Post rejection he started misbehaving, swearing, upon asking him to not do so, he started harassing and black mailing about the documents already in his possession.
Request help

Location Nagpur Maharastra