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I’m a graduated student were I have stuck with 1 backlog due to the injustice of the correction of my paper, I have applied for revaluation were there was no change i my paper.she I saw photocopy few answers were unchecked . because of some wrong correction a student have to waste his entire year . I need a proper check to my answer sheet Kindly check 16VFC26066


This people are so dum that, i got my results as passed after Revaluation results(5th sem AA) later there was an other subject(3rd sem CA) which again i had put for revaluation and was waiting for that, Finally and hopefully results came and the twist was,it showed me that i had passed in ( 3rd sem CA status was pass) but For the(5th sem AA) it showed me no change in status, which previously showed me Pass. BU people shame on you no words To you Guys…

BANGALORE UNIVERSITY clearing pending subject

Respected Sir/Madam,

this is not a complaint but i need some help, i am from 2003 BBM batch from Bangalore university, i have only 1 backlog from my final year, due to some personal reasons i could not attend the re-exam and then after few years i moved to UAE for my carrier. i approached Bangalore university few years back but to my surprise i got to know that since it is more than 7 years i have to again write exams for all the subjects. I desperately want to clear my 1 subject and get the degree. can someone help or guide me a way to clear the exam.
kindly send a mail to [email protected]

awaiting for a response.