Bank of India, Beltola Unresonable transfer of money from my acc.

An unreasonable amount of 330 rupees is been debited from my BOI account the message follows
BOI- Rs 330.00 Debited(TRF) RENEWAL-BOIJJ196730607230520 in your Ac XX3787 on 23-05-2020 . Avl Bal Rs 1259.00
Please respond as I dont know if its a fraud or the bank is charging me for nothing.

Bank Of India TRF

பி à® à® - 03-04-2020 à®à®©à¯à®±à¯ à®à®à¯à®à®³à®¤à¯ à®à®£à®à¯à®à¯ à®à®£à¯ XX2251 ல௠à®à®°à¯à®¨à¯à®¤à¯ à®°à¯à®ªà®¾à®¯à¯ . 3389.00  (à®à®¿à®à®°à¯à®à®à®ªà¯) RENEWAL

I saw this msg…. without any information debited from account… kindly do the needful…

Bank Of India chor bank-Bank of India

I have an account in Bank of India and I wanted to transfer some money from BOI account into my Union Bank Account. I filled up a cheque BOI and deposited it in my Union Bank Account.

Even though I had enough money in my BOI account, the cheque was dishonoured by BOI. When I contacted the BOI branch, I was told that the server of BOI was down hence the cheque was dishonoured. NOw Union Bank has imposed a penalty of Rs 295 on me for the dishonour of the cheque. Since the cheque has been dishounoured because fo the fault of BOI, then BOI should pay me Rs 295 which is the penalty I have to pay to Union bank for dishonour of the cheque. There has been significant interest loss also because I could not transfer the money on time.

I am a senior citizen and BOI officials are making me run from pillar to post. My BoI account number is 700610110002295. The cheque number was 000013. I have submitted written complaint to Bank of India several times since 18 September 2019, but the bank is not answering.

Bank Of India Star Token

I have got 6 accounts with BOI all linked with Star Token since last many years (May be when Star Token was launched). Since November last year facing problem with one account.
I was a very happy Star Token user till the time problem starts. (The same Too many failed additional authentication attempt.. and later BOI website says wrong user name / psw for a fresh / reset password received one day back)
All the other family accounts are working perfectly OK on more than one machines (Two mobiles, Tab, Desktop)
Regarding my problem (Which is unsolved till date) I received following communication from Star token IT team. See if it helps.

Ques 1. Why the error “Too many failed additional authentication attempts” occurred?

Answer. Error – “Too many failed additional authentication attempts” occur because Customer either did not remember the answer of the Security Question set by him/her previously or he/she had entered the wrong Activation code while setting the Star-Token on a new Device (i.e. Mobile, PC, Laptop etc.).

Ques 2. What is the solution of the problem if Customer is able to Login successfully in Star-Token from any other device (i.e. Mobile, Laptop, PC etc.)?

Answer. Customer should be advised to login into Star-Token from the device where Star-Token is working and then set the new Security Question and its answer by clicking on Change Secret button and then select “Secret Question & Answer”. Please see the below screenshot for your reference.

Once the Security Question and its answer is changed, the error – “Too many failed additional authentication attempts” will be removed and Customer can login into Star-Token from the Device where error occurred by answering the Security Question recently set by him/her. Mobile No. must be registered in order to receive the Activation Code/Verification Key.

Ques 3. What is the solution of the problem if Customer is not able to Login successfully in Star-Token from any other device (i.e. Mobile, Laptop, PC etc.)?

Answer. If Customer is unable to login into Star-Token from any device, then branch should reset the Star-Token of the Customer using STCON -> 4 in Finacle. Customer will be able to use the Star-Token again from the next working day when status in IBSTATUS->2 changed from ‘Active’ to ‘Reset’.

Bank Of India Wrong Neft transaction done by bank of India Boisar Branch caused me monetary loss

I Mr Hitesh Vade proprietor of M/s Spot Security Services having account number 009220110000535 having diamond privilege as per my account balance maintenance had deposited Wages payment bulk upload neft file on 08/07/2019 for Rs 6,10,351/- vide chq no 087248 dated 08/07/2019 for my 71 workers payment which I have been doing for last 2 years. But all transactions done by bank were wrong and only 2 transactions are correct and all other transactions were wrongly done by bank and amount deducted from my account is also incorrect totaling to rs 5,26,082/- which does not match to my issued cheque total rs 6,10,351/-and out of 71 transaction bank has done 53 and in that 51 transactions are wrong done to unknown account number. They have done transactions without any double check and against my instructions and have caused me mental trauma and financial loss and inconvenience to my workers who have not received there salary.
Therefore I want answer from bank why these unauthorised transactions has been done and I want all my money back which bank has done wrongly due to there mistake. When i visited branch for these wrong transactions query they dont have any answers just saying technical error. But why i have to loose my hard earned money for there technical error.

Kindly refund my money at the earliest.

Mr. Hitesh S. Wade
(Director – Tarapur)
Mob: 07744855338

CPPC Nagpur,Bank Of India Unpaid the amount of 7th cpc revised or different amount.

Dear sir/madam,
I have not received the difference amount or 7th cpc revised amount till now where as it is applied on dtd. 05/07/2018 through serial no – 425. Between one year I have not get the amount.

So please pay me the same as soon as possible.
Thanks & Regards.
PPO NO – 20027070500273
OLD PPO NO – SE/CKP/02/B-103/PS.