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I booked a airtel broadband connection through website for 999 plan. I submitted documents on july 29, 2017. As of now (16/08/2017) the connection has not been installed. I submitted application form and gave a cheque of Rs.3537/- advance payment for 3 months. During this time the person who collected the document told me that connection will be given within three days. I heard that airtel will be fast compared to bsnl. So i surrendered my bsnl broadband believing that i will get connection within three days. When i contacted customer care to check status just before 5 days to my shock they told me that the connection has been installed. The reason they are telling is that my DP box is full and slot is not there for installation. Actually i am the first person to take a connection from that DP box. As it is a newly laid underground fibre cable. only one person has taken a connection from another box in my street just 50-60 meters from my house. When contacting the a!
irtel person they are giving another number and telling me to contact number as this goes on and on i have called more numbers finally they are telling that they are waiting for the AT approval. i don’t know what is AT approval. you should check before collecting documents that i can be able to get connection. And some people calling from bangalore telling them as airtel customer care and telling that my connection is cancelled. I don’t know why the new airtel pillar and DP box installed near my gate and i am not getting connection better uninstall the pillar and the DP box if you cannot be able to provide connection . Why you are putting ads telling it is airtel promise when you cannot maintain it. I think i should have stayed with bsnl the biggest mistake i have ever made.
contact number: 9952012060
[email protected]

bharathi airtel I have done the 448 plan activation through 121 (i have screenshot) and the plan didn’t activated

I have done the 448 plan activation through 121 (i have screenshot) and the plan didnât activated. i raised the complaint through 198 and they said with in 1 hour. the problem is in your company’s system. I called them again and asked they said I have wait for two more days and they accepted the fault is with the company they accepted the blame. at the end of second day after 6.30 (the expected time to resolve) again when I called they said it would be resolved within the night still the issue not resolved. Again I called today (22/12/2017 ) morning called they said they wonât resolve the issue. Such a big network canât resolve even such a small issue.