Bharti Airtel Recharge failed but money debited from my account

I have begin a recharge of 346/- from airtel app which at last failed but the amount deducted from my account i tried to mail but no reply came i tried to call’121′ but got disconnected every time i press ‘9’ to talk to your representative i want my refund or i want my service . My online recharge txn id is 170414262452

Bharti Airtel Poor 3G internet service

I’m residing in Merbil Sasoni of Naharkatia, District -Dibrugarh. The Airtel company is providing extremely poor 3G internet service in my area from last 10-12 days and we are losing our costly daily data packs. The service is so poor that I can’t open any single webpage. All the airtel subcribers of my locality to whom I’ve discussed about it are facing the same problem and are forced to use slow speed 2G internet to use the Whatsapp or other websites. So, I request the service provider to solve the problem as soon as possible and lodging a complaint against the poor internet service…
From – manash borah
Mobile- 9954738517

Bharti Airtel False claims by Airtel on Mobile number deactivation

My mobile number has been deactivated by Airtel, claiming address verification failure 3 times over the past 1 year, inspite of providing all the required documentation & activating the number in person at an Airtel store.
Currently, I am in the USA and unable to access my financial accounts linked to this phone number.
I initiated my complaint with Customer Care ([email protected]), then escalated to the nodal officer ([email protected]) and finally to the Applellate Authority ([email protected]) – and haven’t seen any resolution so far.
The most irritating factor has been the misdirection & manipulation over emails, by each of the Airtel representative answering the emails.
Seems like, either they fail to understand my concerns (stated in plain english) or deliberately avoid answering my queries.
Each of the answers I have received from the Customer Care or the Nodal Officer or the Appellate Authority have been a standard response on the process to activate a new mobile number.
I have a long email chain of more than 30 emails over the past 3 months and so far no one has addressed any of my concerns nor answered any of queries.
Tired of this email communication with Appellate going nowhere, I am now filing this compaint & intend to continue doing so on every forum and board. Also, considering filing a suit for the false claims, financial impact & harrassment suffered over the past 1 year.

Bharti Airtel airtel

Dear Srilesh,

This is with reference to your post, dated 08 June 2017.

We are keen to resolve your concern; however, we will require your alternate contact number and convenient time to call for resolving your concern effectively.
We look forward to receive the required details.


Rakesh Kumar
airtel presence (airtel Customer, service team)
bhartiairtel ltd

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Bharti Airtel network

Respected Sir

A large population of soldiers, families and civilian citizens are residing in Khel Gaon, Hotwar, Ranchi and Dipatoli Cantonment…
The 4G GSM network is very erratic daily for past one month. The field strength is around -108 dB. This is causing acute harassment.
Despite optimisation there has been no improvement. Kindly set up additional transmitters and COW for optimal 4G speeds.
Colonel Mohit

Bharti Airtel misguided by authorized dealer and opening airtel payment account unknowingly by customer

Hello ,
this complain i am issuing in regard to misguidance by company authorised dealer , i went to an airtel authorised dealer to register my airtel phone number with adhar card as it was asked by airtel that it is mandatory process then without my request my airtel payment bank account has been opened by either dealer or airtel company without my knowledge and i came to know about it when i received a text message by airtel telling me that my subsidy amount has been received in my airtel payment bank . Phone number associated with this = 9810750235
Payment bank A/C = 7257822093
Transaction ID = 967708647
I request to resolve my complaint by transferring my amount into cash and closing my airtel payment account and i want to inquire who has opened my this account and when . i received these payment messages on ( Friday 14/07/20170 ). And i went to register my adhar 15-20 days age by above mentioned date. kindy warn that concern person not to misuse adhar like these kind of actions.
Plese inform me who has opened this account by using my missusing my adhar just to complete targets.


Bharti Airtel Connectivity issue

There was connectivity issue at Kolkata. I raised complain by SR No. 74921641 on 21.03.2017 for mobile nos. 9432020050 but airtel fail to provide service. This issue was raised several time but they are willingly closed call. I am authorized signatory for my company. around 450 connections is active on my name. Airtel is not bother in my case. I didn’t expect for common people they are bothering. Can anyone imagine life without cellphone for a single day? Imagine how end user is suffering.

Bharti Airtel Neteork and customer service

Dear Airtel ,
Your customer service is pathetic. Your people at customer service has to get ethiqustes and improve their behvr. If you have time kindly visit your DHARAMPETH AIRTEL STORE IN NAGPUR. people over there are really pathetic and the store manager is very rude to talk .your network is bullshit .dosnt have a 4G netwrk wrking anywhr. Bill chrges are very high. Plz improve ur customer service first and thn ur network. If your customer feedback really matters you SO KINDLY TAKE STRICT ACTION AGAINST THAT BEARD BOY WJO SITS AT AIRTEL STORE DHARAMPETH NAGPUR. HES PATHETIC TO TALK AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVER ANSERRS THE CALL thn why u r paying to them.
Secondly i paid for postpaid sim that beard guy has given me some USED SIM of other person ..i get wrong number calls everyday. Plz improve this .