Blue Dart Shipment Redirected On Same Awb

I am not sure why it is showing this status, Because two month back I ordered something on the same address and it got delivered successfully but now when I am again using the same address (already saved as per the blue dart record) for delivery, I am getting this status. I think their is something not correct. Please look into the issue on higher priority.
Waybill No : 35795012724 Reference No : 12501265
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 35795012724
Noida Sector 16 Shipment Redirected On Same Awb 06-Dec-2018 08:55 Noida Sector 16 Wrong Pincode, Will Impact Delivery 06-Dec-2018 08:40 Noida Sector 16 Shipment Arrived 06-Dec-2018 08:33
Noida Sector 16 Shipment Arrived 06-Dec-2018 08:31 .

And when it will deliver to me …?


Blue Dart Layer

HDFC Bank Sent me Credit Card through Blue Dart vide AWB No. 35808844610; and, expected Date of Delivery 19.11.2018, as intimated by Blue Dart through SMS on my Mob. No. i.e. 9814321897. But, without hitting me on my Delivery Address or calling me on my Mob. No. 9814321897, the delivery boy (unknown), update status as "consignee not available". When I called on Customer Care of the Company the Customer Care Executive refused to registered my Complaint.

Blue Dart Blue dart courier guys fake delivery attempt

Awb no. 69638784961

Blue dart this is 2nd instance where I am getting such experiance
Yesterday I got call from +919146274620 blue dart where he was some where else and try to fool us by saying sir I am in front of home but no one is there ,where I was in home during that period.
So by this we come to know that he is just showing fake attempt of delivery to blue once I asked him some questions such as who is my neighbor name he cut the call and after 10min when I called him again he sayed he will come to our society in 30min….
Now he was accepted that he was fooling us…but on above still he not delivered item and marked as receiver was not in home in tracking portal….
This is such cheap and irresponsible behavior of blue dart I hate such services delivery and even reccomend others to not take blue dart service hence forth….
Still I have not got item delivered ….

Major disappointment…..

Blue Dart Credit card not received – terrible service

My package was shipped from Chennai on the 15th of October. The package waybill number is 35649422060.
The package is in Madinaguda, which is hardly 1 km from my address for the past one week. I have tried to call the customer care number at least 30 times and my call was connected once (other times the number was busy). The customer service person said that I would receive the package by the 20th and it is still not delivered.
I am flying abroad on the 27th and have been waiting for this package for the past one week.
This kind of service is not at all acceptable. I do not understand when courier services of blue dart are so bad why do the banks still rely on such services.


I am NOT AMAZED, That I haven’t received any reply from BLUE DART. and received this service from BLUE DART. AFTER I read all the complaints against BLUE DART
Name: Apurva Sharma

AWB: 35654327870

Note: I had called on Blue Dart Number: 1860 233 1234 plenty of times, and twice I got lucky and end up talking to your telephone Executive, AND I HAD REQUEST A SCHEDULE A DELIVERY (Call on Friday, 28 Sept 2018 to delivery on Saturday, 29 Sept 2018) & (Call on Saturday, 29 Sept 2018 to delivery on Monday, 1 Oct 2018), and still the shipment is NOT delivered. Kindly suggest WHAT TO DO ??????
And moreover, I was not contacted by Blue Dart on my registered number for the confirmation or to contact that they are taking my shipment back without delivering it.
These documents are very very very important for me, I need to get the shipment urgently to complete my further commitments. Kindly deliver the shipment ASAP.

Today Its being 7 Days, I was trying to get my Shipment, I had tried through customer care number – 1860 233 1234
But ZERO response, the only answer I receive is "we can only send the request to the Deliver center."
I have already, submitted the complaint, on email also and on the website.
Still, shipment is not delivered.
7 Days and Counting…….