Blue Dart delivery issue

I have a shipment (debit card) which is sent by IDFC bank, and address is also correct, i always receive all my credit card statement in this address from bluedart also. But today the delivery associate who was assigned to deliver the debit card, called me today and said i can not come at your address and he was saying to collect the parcel from him at another location, i told to DA that i can not come because i am doing office work, so he said that i have mentioned incorrect address. I called to blue-dart customer care then and they said it will be delivered before 2 PM and they have escalated the issue, bur after 5 minutes i received a message that my parcel is rejected stating address is incorrect, i need strict action on him and want my order as soon as possible, i will also escalate the issue in twitter and social media.

way bill number – 36007140094

Blue Dart conniving with sellers

I ordered from pop up while working on computer two products online. 1. Mini airconditioner
2. Solar cooler
Cost of both the products were 3500 including delivery and the payment mode was cash on delivery.
Both the products came the same day and was delivered by bluedart and payment was collected from me.In a split second they were gone and on opening the products both were found to be in pieces and so I immediately called blue dart to inform that they should block the payment which they ignored.
On further verification it is observed that the name of the seller is not printed on the address label nor any bill was attached in the two packages.
I further wrote to blue dart and because I wrote one shilpa called saying that they will investigate and inform the seller.As nothing was happening I went to the office of blue dart in panaji and they informed me that I should not buy from online portals like these and that they do not have the address of the seller and at once I suspected that there is some amount of connivance by blue dart courier with the seller as they refused to give me the address of the seller. Definitely they had the address as the cash paid to them had to be paid to the seller so I made a big noise at the office of blue dart and only then they gave me the details of the seller some 3 Dom international gurugram.
Till date nothing positive is happening and they have not refunded my cash nor the two damaged goods are exchanged.Blue dart knew very well that No consumer will approach the courts to recover 3500 as greedy lawyer fees itself will be 5000 plus charges for the number of hearings so they take advantage and connive with unscrupulous sellers and are duping gullible Indian consumers

Blue Dart my pending hdfc card delivery and pathetic service experience with Blue-dart


I would like to report you about my pending hdfc card delivery and pathetic service experience with Blue-dart

Awb# – 36136783701

The courier(HDFC Cared) that should be delivered to my home and its pending, Blue -dart status showing as entry prohibited. I am trying to call that service guy from the morning and he is Not even attending my calls. I was waiting for the delivery from the morning and he left the place without contacting me.
I have attached the screenshot for your reference. He is not picking my call and also all other customer care numbers are busy /not responding. I have contacted below numbers to know the status but no response.

Actually what you guys are expecting? customers should call and beg you guys for the delivery?. This is not the first time. So please let know by when I can expect the delivery and please inform your service guys to behave properly.

Delivery Service number:+919619842398
Customer service Bangalore:############

Please consider this as my complaint and deliver the card to my home address ASAP.