Fooling job seekers in IT companies and other fields

Asking money in the name of CHP registration, CHP verification and various Career Hub Pro services to ensure jobs in IT companies. They do repeated calling to convince from various phone numbers. I have list of 20 numbers from which they called and they ask payment to be done to Dev IT solutions, Gurgaon, Uttar Pradesh. I have the POC card number, email chains and call and video recordings of the entire process that they do. They don’t deliver what they promise. Instead irritate people. I have a group of my other 2 friends for whom they had called too. Fooling aspiring candidates

I received a call saying that I am short listed for companies. But I have to pay the amount of saying 4210. After paying I received another call saying for further process of getting comapny call I have to pay 10000 as deposit . Only then they will go ahead with process . I got really angry as I I was looking forward for the job interview . I don’t why such companies even exsist in the market . Now my amount is stuck with them . Company name is careerhubpro. Com