Carnival Cinemas Disrespectful mangaer (Lovina) at borivali

Please have control over ur staff because they are the reason of ur goodwill in the market n suggest you to appoint good n hummble manager… .because we don’t get ur services for free we pay you so you provide the services… The staff at borivali carnival is good but the manger here LOVINA has the worst attitude…. She insulted us for there misunderstanding n then we ask for what kind of behavior it is she said " sorry tho bola na , it’s part of our job"
Itkach attitude asel na tr ghari bas….. Customer na nako dakhu n manager ashil carnival chi mahanun customer LA rubbab nako dakhavu. And before disturbing any customer be sure that it is not ur fault or misunderstanding…. This manager was talking with us in high tone for her misunderstanding when we asked her for the explanation of her behavior with us…. We have much more better theatre with good n hummble staff I will prefer to go there….

Carnival Cinemas Refund or rebook my ticket

Dear team,

Worst experience faced at big cinema ulhasnagar 3 i accept my fault that i lost my hard copy of ticket print of ticket was taken around movie name kala date 22 june 2018.
I showed them receipt of movie ticket booking snap , even the guy at the box office ticket counter recognize me but didn’t allow me inside .
The senior person told me to wait outside for 15 min and deposit 100 rs at the counter i reached there 15 min before but as i dont have cash they didnt accept me inside.
How can one miss starting 15 min of movie if he has paid full amount.
I have attached all snap of payment receipt and booking details.
Need immediate action on this case, on every friday i watch latest movie in your cinema only never visit any other theatre.
U are loosing one precious customer for sure keep this money with, i have not created any scene at the counter but faith was the thing the employee should have shown on me. Deeply hurt felt embarrased if u want to refund then refund or keep the money as an donation.
Worst worst worst utter worst.

As watching movie is my hobby felt very bad.

Best regards
Airtel employee