CBSE Conduct of remaining exams

Respected sir/ma’am
We all know about the situation prevailing in the world. The cases of corona virus patients is on rise. As a partially passed class 12th student whose one exam is left request to please cancel the remaining examinations. Even if there is a a 0.01 risk in giving the exams, we should not go ahead with it. Where government who has allowed the functioning of the airports with hell lot of safety measures which I am sure won’t be there and not even possible when we will be appearing for exam, there are still corona virus cases at the airports.we have entrance exams also. If we get infected are you going to postpone them for us . Cbse is actually risking the youth’s life. Even our parents will be at a risk too. Consider if I got infected because of the exam and I the infection to my parents, my mother don’t have a strong immunity even . My whole life will be ruined just because cbse is so concerned about those remaining exams. Consider another case, if by chance any!
one student infected from corona remains undetected ( just like some people remained undetected at the airport) enters the examination hall what would happen. Even if that student knew that he is suffering from that disease do you think he/she ever gonna tell about it because if he does he won’t be allowed to appear for the exam and no one wants that to happen with him or her. Also what about students who are infected from corana . Won’t they be giving the exams . Are there any provisions for them?? And if due to the conduct of exams students started getting infected that would be you mistake as you risked our lives. Even other countries gonna make fun of us that even during corona virus outbreak india adopted to conduct the exams thus finishing the youth. Students who are currently waiting for the remaining board exams have already faced lots of difficulties : suddenly asked to give boards in class 10th . We were the people who haven’t ever given the full s! yllabus before and were asked to give just after entering clas!
s 10th. Then the maths exam leaked in the same year. The. When we went in class 11th our economics syllabus was changed suddenly. When we entered 12th you introduced the 20 markers pattern. And now the corona virus outbreak. we were like a testing model a doll for cbse on which every kind of experiment was conducted. I can bet that no Student of any other academic session except ours faced such, such kind of difficulties and no other session would face in the upcoming years. Please feel our burden, anxiety and pain that we as kids are going through. Please consider my thoughts and concerns and take appropriate measures………. Thanking you
Yours sincerely

CBSE About retest of students class 11 due to corona

I beg to state that I am a student of class 11. As CBSE is giving a great opportunity to student by giving retest in the subjects they are failed.but as you know that class 11 syllabus is so lengthy and tough. I humbly request you to give at least a month for preparation as their is lot of stress amongst parents about corona ,financially,mentally and physically.I will be highly thankful if CBSE would understand the problem of students and do the needful. Your obediently

CBSE Regarding pending exams in enrolled schools

As cbse has decided that the remaining exams of class 12th will be conducted in the schools in which the child is enrolled, this can create a great problem of cheating , aa the child’s own school will always try that their children get good marks they will definitely allow them to cheat, this has happend in my practicals , aa I’m a bright student I do not want that children who did not study hard and do not deserve good marks should not get good marka by cheating, as this will definitely bring down the morale of good students who prepared for exams really hard and will not get higher marks than the poor students.
One solution is that teachers from other schools should be called in each school as they will not let cheating to happen. I hope you’ll understand the great problem and will see to it. Thank you.

CBSE publishing operations shut down

CBSE on 31 march 2017 took the arbitrary and harsh decision of winding down its publishing operations with immediate effect which had hard repercussions on the students’ community. cause the market was short of these books and that time only and now they have vanished pushing troubles for 19,000 schools who prescribe to them. talking of myself I am a student of class 11 legal studies subject there are no other books available for my subject not even single private publisher printing books for this subject we could depend only on CBSE. pls, help. our future is in danger and this is only about one subject there 280 other book s which CBSE published.

CBSE 2 and 3 number sets of science was very hard and lengthy, no 2 set of maths was hard .

Hello sir I would like to state that the no 2 set in science was very hard and lengthy,teachers in our school haven’t taught us like that way.Also the set 1 of maths was very very easy compared to set 2,set 2 was bit difficult than set 1.We dont expect such partiality from renowned board like you.The students who are average can easily score more than good students because of the partiality in sets. I REQUEST YOU TO KINDLY GIVE US A CONSIDERABLE GRACE MARKS AND TO MAKE THE CHECKING LENIENT.GIVE US MORE MARKS SO THAT WE DONT SUFFER BECAUSE OF YOUR PARTIALITY IN SETS.

CBSE Out of syllabus question in mathematics 10th standard exam 2020 set 2

My son aryanpremaggarwal appeared in 10th mathematics standard exam held by CBSE on 12/03/2020 . I found that in SET 2 one question no. 34 In section C pertaining to trigonometry was out of syllabus. Such question pattern could not be found in NCERT Maths book. This question is not of 10th standard. Please appreciate and do the needful
Thanks and regards

CBSE The mathematics standard exam of class 10 conducted on 12 March has a wrong question in it (section 4)

Sir I am a student of class 10. I appeared for class 10 mathematics standard board exam conducted on 12 March. But sir there was a wrong question in the exam. It was in set 1, code 30/2/1, in section 4 :- question no. 36. Sir the question was of 4 marks which deeply matters on my percentage. Firstly none of our teachers taught us how to attempt such questions and secondly it was not part of NCERT. I even referred to RD Sharma to verify the question but I noticed that the question paper has I line missing in the question itself. Sir I am a good student and this question will deeply fluctuate my percentage.

Question in question paper :- it can take 12 hours to fill a swimming pool using two pipes. if the pipe of larger diameter is used for four hours and the pipe of smaller diameter for nine hours only half of the pool can be filled. how long would it take for each pipe to fill the pool separately?

Question in RD Sharma :- to fill a swimming pool to pipes are used. if the pipe of larger diameter used for four hours and the pipe of smaller diameter for nine hours only half of the pool can be filled. find how long it would take for each pipe to fill the pool separately if the pipe of smaller diameter takes 10 hours more than the pipe of larger diameter to fill the pool?

Sir I request to provide grace marks to students who had set 1, code 30/2/1 for the wrong question in question paper.

Thank you sir.

CBSE Difficulty of physics examination and chemistry examination

The physics exam conducted on 2 march 2020 was very difficult. Questions were very difficult. The paper was not moderate at all and question in sets 1,2 and 3 were different. 3rd set was the most difficult. Theoritical questions were less and paper was filled with conceptual questions. I request you to provide grace marks to students otherwise this will spoil their future. Teachers are like god who give education and can save their future. I request you again to see this problem and save the future.

Also the chemistry exam for 12 was not good. Paper was moderate. But I want to ask that why you put all difficult questions in 3rd set. Questions in 3rd set were almost different from the other two sets. I did the best from my side and I request to save future by doing lenient checking in both the exams. Plz save our future and design the paper by balancing same type of questions so that other students don’t feel unlucky. Please go through our problems.