Street Dogs Stray dogs Bitting

Stray dogs nuisance
I am resident of house number 1200 sector 37B chandigarh behind Batra CINEMA. I want to bring in the notice of cHANDIGARH M.C that in our street there are 3 stray dogs. It is very difficult to move out on two wheeler and by walking as there are chances of being bitten by the stray dogs. Last 2 days they are bitting on daily basis.The kids are not able to play outside because of the presence of the stray dogs particularly those near the house number 1205 and 1209. They destroy the gardens of the residents also by digging.So Itz my humble request to you to bring that thing in your notice and take early steps to get us rid from these stray dogs as soon as possible…
Gurdev Singh
House number 1200
Mb no: 9417051184

Honda WRV Regarding noise of break drum

With the above subject i have purchased the WRV VX from inspire Honda Mysore on 04-08-2017 vide Chasis No. MAKGL274GH4005861, Engine No. N15A15007573 vide Registration No. KA 09 MD 1714. From the First service I reported in respect of the break drum complaint to the concerned person, but there is no proper reply from them. from last 3 days the noise of become very high and on 09-10-2018 I go through with said complaint and they have completed the same with a sum of Rs. 6,668/-.
For the said complaint there is no need to pay from my pocket because from the beginning i have complained against it, but the concerned persons are neglecting the said complaint and finally i have to bear a sum of Rs. 6.668/- from my pocket.
From past several years i have drive so many four wheelers but no one vehicle the said complaint could not be traced. I think this is the technical problem of the vehicle and you should have to rectify the same and clear the said problem without charging. Even the vehicle has been purchased 1 year back. So I request that consider my complaint and refund the said amount at the earliest.
If there is no reply from your end, I will go through with justification in the local court against the company and the dealer.
Thanking you,

Your’s faithfully


Jio Internet speed is very poor. It's even slower than 2g

I and many others in this area are using jio sim. We are facing a serious problem regarding the poor speed of internet. It’s even slower than 2g.
I have tried to file this complaint thrice just bcoz of its extremely slow speed. The company has completed approximately 2 years and still such problems persist. All this is leading us to loose the confidence in the company. Many has changed their network because there data pack becomes a waste. Please take some corrective actions as soon as possible.
Hoping for favourable response…

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking. The Services Of CTU & Transport Authority Chandigarh.

The Service Of CTU Worst This Services Are Non Reliable From All Time And !! Gold Madalist !! in 1.)Delays, 2.) Worst Service Especially In Mohali, 3.) Poor Communication Skills Of Staff.
Today 27/09/2018 I Have To Go The Railway Station For Going To Ambala In The Train Which Arrives At 10:28Am Sharp And Depart At 10:30-32 Sharp And For Going Railway Station I Have Go In CTU Route No. !! 123A !! And I Was Standing In Slivi Park The Bus Was Reached At 9:45 Am And The No. Of Bus Is(CH 01 GA 5578).But The Driver Didn’t Stop The Bus On Silvi Park Due Non Stoppage Area But I Running Before The Bus Till It Stops It Stop After 500-550m At The Stopaage And I Am Signaling The Driver By My Hands And I Was Max 5m Meter Far FromThe Bus And Was Running And Signaling The Driver To Wait For Me But He Didn’t Stop And Take The Bus From The Stopage And Another 500m He Stop The Bus In Phase 10-11 Lights Point And I Had Reached To The Bus And There Was 8 Seconds Left To Light Comes To Green I Said Conductor To Open The Door He Started Watching To The Driver And Driver Starting Making Faces And Didn’t Open The Door Till Lights Come To Green. And That The There W!
as No Traffic At That Time He Can Open The Door But He Didn’t He Just Making Faces And When Lights Come To Green He Moved Off What is This If Driver Know Any Person They Stop The Bus Wherever The Person Told Him But When Guy Running 1 Km And Signalling Him That Wait.But They Started Move Onn After That I Waited Till 10:30-35 Am No Bus Has Came. And The Frequency Of CTU Route No. 123A Is (30 Min). And When I Compalined To Transport Authority Chandigarh They Unshamedly Said To Work On Any Problems Related To CTU. They Starting 1) Make An Complaint Application And Send It To Our Officers 2) We Need At least 8-10 Complaint Applications After We Will Work On This 3) You Have To Come To Transport Authority Chandigarh At The Time Of Digitization They Are Saying We Have To Come Your Office For Our Problems And After These Three process They Will Work On Your Complaints If We Call CTU Complaint No. Eveytime I Have Seen That They Will Do Two Things. 1) They Start Cross Question! ing To You. 2) They Give An Another Number To Call And That No!
. Is Busy, Or Not Reachable All The Time If They Picked They Says To Call The Transport Authority Chandigarh.
So, If They Don’t Want Give Better Service Tell Us We Will Proceed Legally. Due To CTU Services The Project Of Chandigarh Metro Service Has Droped Due To CTU Only And If They Can’t Give A Commitment Of Better Services. We Have To Proceed It Legally. I Have Make Ac Pass Which Costs Rs.1230 And We Are Not Getting Normal Services. Is This Some Kind Of Joke.

AMBIUM FINSERVE PVT. LTD Delivery issue of Newspaper TOI


Today is 27th September. and still i am not getting the news paper and nor getting my coupons. I seriously dont know how many times i talked to your Complaint Incharge Mr. Shiva and Field Boy Mr. Suraj.I dont know why they are taking so much time. I am not living in some remote area or other planet. My address is very much clear. and i also get so many letters from post or couriers. So no difficulties to find my address. and if it is, your vendor can call me.
i had called suraj and shiva so many times and i ask only one thing to them that i am not getting the paper nor coupons. If you dont want to solve my issue, inform me and refund my money. I can subscribe other news paper. You are TOI not local news paper. You must solve such a issues as soon as possible. i am giving you only 2 days time. i should get news paper by 29th Sep, otherwise i will go to consumer court.
YOU ARE REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE IN BUSINESS. oh sorry you are not earning money from our subscription. you are doing business from advertisements. Look at your website, and tell me where you mentioned for new newspaper subscription details in your website or App.
i hope you solve this easy problem as soon as possible, if you believe in your reputation.
Very Worst Service.

PGIMER CHANDIGARH Unavailability of icu bed and ventilator machine for prematuare babies

My wife has delivered baby . At the time of delivery doctor advised or emotional force me to shift the baby to other hospital due to not availability of ventilator and icu bed in the hospital. Pgi is best hospital but they did not arrange the machine for baby.they only inform the patient at time of emergency. And due to this baby did not survive.

passport office chandigarh Passport not delivered

Hi All

I have applied for fresh Normal Passport on 07/05/2018 at Hisar PSK for my father Sh. Vijay Kumar Jain.And, Police verification is done at my place successfully.
File Number: CH21C4117397218
ARN NO.: ############
Applicant Name: Vijay Kumar Jain

Now status for my passport is showing as below:

No one came for delivery of my passport despite I was at home from past 10 days. I am worried for my passport. Kindly help in getting the passport at the earliest.
Isha Jain