complaint board Fraud callers and tried to steel my account details

I submitted my complaint with the header ‘OneAssist plan sold without consent.’ on july 3rd. Because my money was being withdrawn from my account for ‘CPP/OneAssist policy’, without my confirmation.
After submission, I got email that i has got message in complaint board inbox from Manager.complaintboard. The message was asking about my contact number. After i provide the no. they contacted me with number ‘+91 93122 43461’ and asked whole detail of my account and said they will refund money and cancel the plan. After that they started asking my card details and cvv no. etc. When I asked question back they end the call. After trying back it was switched off.
What the fraud you have hired for looting people. I am already worried about my ~4k money. And you re further trying to get more. I really want you to refund my money, else i would have to take some other actions.

complaint board Cheating

Dear Sir,
I lodged a complaint against SBI card through this site for cheating. Now I have doubt whether this site is genuine or not? Taking the opportunity, I was asked through messages (still in my account), credit card number, card validity, cvv etc from this site.
Again today through mob no. 8308460132, collected those information from me in order to close the credit card. He told me that Rs 850 will be paid and for that he asked the OTP no. Three times he tried to pay the money, 850, 30100 to e-bay and 850 to sbi. From my e-mail I came to know these information. Unfortunately as the card was blocked, he could not do this. Please inform me what’s the matter. The mobile is still with the person.
Goutam Pramanik

complaint board छात्रवृति ना आने पर

छात्रवृति ना आने पर
सेवा मैं
श्री समाज कल्याण अधिकारी
लखनऊ उत्तरप्रदेश
निवेदन यह है कि मैं B.A 2nd year का छात्र हूँ।सर किसी कारण की वजह से मेरी scholarship नही आयी है। मैं गरीब परिवार से हूँ। सर मेरी आगे पढ़ाई रुक जाएगी । सर पूरा scholarship देने की कृपा करें। आपकी अति कृपा होगी।

Amit Kumar Verma
Lucknow uttar pradesh
College shri jay Narayan p.G college Lucknow university
Registration number 270650211701930
Account number 34557227324
Ifsc code SBIN0003910