OLA Auto Cancellation from auto drivers

Hi, " ola money " is a necessary option when we are running out of cash. After my booking, I got to cancel 3 bookings back to back because auto drivers are not accepting ola money at the night time. Please provide necessary services as it is very difficult at night.. That too especially for girls at night time. The drivers made me cancel the booking from my end so that i have to pay the cancellation charges. If ola vehicles are away from 1 minute also wont accept the ride request which is another problem. Please look through this.

Onida split ac one ton Service is not doing with proper equipment

Please don’t buy onida products they have no proper service staf. I have my first ac service after purchase d my ac after almost 8 months. When i call him for service. They call me for the service ,i asked him have u proper equipment for the service like washer kit and dryer .they tell me No .we wash only with simple brush and water throwing with bucket with cup. They have no proper equipment for service.very bad experience… Please i request don’t buy onida products…

Tata Sky Not resolving the problem

Dear Sir / Madam,

From last 8 day’s i am not able to what any channels on my TV. I do complaint on customer care of TATA SKY. But they are just only talking and not doing anything. Thay are closing my complaint whithout knowing me and calling me again to reopen the complaint.
Thay are not resolving my issue and my recharg alos getting deducted. When ask about refund they are saying that no such provision for refund.

Subhash Deshmukh.


I have booked Kanade travels from Pune to bangalore on 12 of march. My bus was about to leave at 8.30 pm from pune but it had a delay of 1 and half hours and also i booked my dropping point till Marathalli (Bangalore). but they dropped us at anand rao circle and also took all money. when we asked to leave us till marathali the attender and the driver denied and behaved rudely. also our bus was suppose to reach at 10.30 am to marathalli but they brought us to banaglore at 4 pm. also took so much of charge with bad service and not behaving properl.
Please guys dont book kanande travels from Pune- Bangalore rout, worst service and alos charge alot and no proper behaviour to customer.

KSRTC Bus Conductor refused to issue ticket

Conductor is the Bus Numbered KA 40 F985 at around 10:00 AM on 15-05-2019 from "kaveri bhavan" bangalore to "Hebbal", has refused to issue the ticket and asked to get down in between the way as there was no change with me… I’m an regular traveler in between Mysore bank and Hebbal, when ever i ve change ill make sure i provide change and get the ticket… every time there is no hard and fast rule that we carry change …. and conductor even after having a change with him,he is not ready to provide change and issue the ticket … and saying that you are supposed get change at any cost… even though I’m talking to him with respect, he is telling im talking more and asking me to get down in between bus stops…. Please consider the behavior of the conductor with passenger/public as every time public will not be able to carry change, this is kind request to take an action….