Benson and hedges fresh menthol B&H fresh menthol with no menthol

I have been smoking B&H for a good few years now and have noticed B&H is never consistent. I have had the filter from the cigarette separated, twigs found and this time no menthol in a fresh menthol pack. This is the second box purchased over a week with the same issue.

I have kept two from this batch and I believe the batch number is 13319A58.


Dear Team,

Have applied on 13th Dec 2018 but no update yet. Its showing forwarded to field office on 6th Jan 2019 (Please check the attached file)

For the first time I rescinded my form but I personally filled out the physical form and submitted it to the 4th Floor 107 on Monday but I have not yet received any money in my bank account.

I request you to help me get the money as soon as possible

I have come to Malad Kandivali PF office many times but I have not received any help till now By reading the above text, I would like to get help from you as soon as possible

UAN -############

pigs lotering Gayatripuram,Kothapet 500035

I am a resident of fortune residency kothapet and we have been facing a lot of sanitation issues due to hundreds of pigs loitering around in our colony . This has become a huge concern for all residents. Pigs are the ones who manifest deadly diseases like swine flu, dirtying up the sector causing a lot of discomfort and danger to the inhabitants. . There is right up where we live, an empty premises with no fencing and its full of dirt and pig find their place there. What is surprising is that municipal people have not taken note of this till now and done anything on this.

We certainly want to make this colony a better, safer and cleaner place to live for all people – be it our young children or elderly.

This is our earnest request to please send a MCH team for catching these stray pigs and piglets ASAP to save us from all future dangerous diseases.

Since this has been an ongoing sanitation issue in our colony I am simultaneously raising the complaint and putting forward our concern to many different concern bodies.

Miss Prema

Wishnet broadband Bad Customer Complaint Services

To whom it may concern that, I Rajib Bhattacharjee from Kolkata "Brahmapur Boral area" using Wishnet Broadband service from last 4yrs the local office /Sevice provider operates from Mayur Telekom (Boral Rakhimore area) frequently there is a problem with there service while trying to contact their customer support toll-free number +91 18004194244 they never accept the call instead they disconnect the call and make the phone line busy for the day and while informed, nobody is willing to support or take the responsibility to fix the issue or prioritize the issue face by the end users. I really find one of the worst Broadband Customer Service in Kolkata.