Anganwadi Gujarat MRS SANGITABEN (BAD BEHAVIOR And note Positive response ) in Anganwadi

Mrs Sangitaben (At Vasad, Mob NO : 9558980498) AA Bahein Aanganwadi ma kam kare che, Aa Madam Contact par vat karvani tamij nathi, Ane jai sarkar taraf thi jai labh made che ama jai Packet apvama ave che foods nu Tai jai pregnent womens nai madtu nathi, Ane ame aena vise puchyu toh ta madam am kahe che kai tamne piyar ma made ahi na made, Maru name vasad ma bolay che ane mai piyar ma vat kari toh evu kai hotu nahi tame jya mrg thaya tya sasri ma j tamaru name bolay ane tyaj tamne tyathi j made foods packets, Ane Aa Sangitaben Par koi action leva mate vinati karu chu, ane aa jo am rahse toh biji beno jai pregnent hase toh pan avu j karse , ane tai amari signed karya vagar bija koine api deti hoy kato tai potana mate j kai bahar vahechi deti hoy evu lage che foods packets, Toh Please mari aa babat svikar karo ane mari pase call recording proof pan che tao kevi vat kare che ane kevu vartan che aa sangita madam nu Toh please action lo ane karyavahi karvama ave.


SECURE FINANCE SERVICE (INDIA).Plot No 17/3 M.V. Road, Andheri East Mumbai Maharastra -400069 fraud with me

Dear mam/sir,
i Tamal kanti Roy.asking for personal loan Rs300000/-from secure finance compan,They charged from 4500/-processing fee and 5500/- security money.Then after they didnot response not recieving phone. I request to secure finance by mail that,
Please return my money INR 10000/-(ten thousand)which is received by you in favor of Anil Kumar.Uco bank.Amroha branch. a/ send it back on my account.but they didn’t reply not receiving phone.

yours very truly.

Tamal Kanti Roy.


Dear Sir,

First of all Good strategy to lay down cemented tiles on side of road that will benefit the residents in number of ways. However, the recent laying down of tiles on Gurudwara road is faulty. No one has dione inspection and the tiles are not at same level of road. The lapse is as follows:
1. Digging by JCB not done proper, only surface cleaning done . Work done by contractor below par.
2. The tiles are not fixed as per technical background and few have been broken by traffic within 48 hours. 3. Level of tiles is totally mismatching with no uniformity. 4. Tiles adjoining road are at higher level than Road Level. 5. Finishing of work is below par.


Kpr suzuki motors pvtd limited/ Suzuki Acesss 125 SE Irregular and careless not Informative

I had bought my suzuki Acesss 125 SE on May I had given for my first service after 1000km now I when I went to give my vehicle for second service after it was 3500 km which is instructed as shown in the service manual but the service executive have skipped my second service which is free out of my 4 free services saying you have came a month late and when I have asked they are very careless to respond and says it is our mistake I’m was very disappointed with the response by the executive and I want my skipped service back its clearly written in the manual that within 3500km or 120 days so I they have skipped my free service so I want it back

Hero Maestro Edge Noise

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I’m C. Joshua Immanuel , pastor in CSI vellore Diocese .
I have purchased Maestro Edge Cast Wheel BSIV Engine No JF33ABH4C01633 chassis No MBLJFW014H4C01633 In March 2017 from Ganesh Motors Muthukadai,Vellore District ,Tamilnadu.
Really I regret for buying your Hero Maestro from the date of my purchase . I’m facing lots of problems arising in this bike. There was a strange loud noise while I’m riding the bike. I gave it for service many times, even they are not known why the noise is coming and how to stop that noise. It’s really gave a bad impression on your Hero product .Hereafter I won’t recommend my church members or my friends to purchase your Hero bike. I really disappointed and sorry to say this nowadays the quality of Hero Mastero bike becomes worst and creates heavy noise . Kindly do the needful and find solution to my problem as early as possible. Thank you.