Chennai Corporation Request to clear the blocks in the service road to our colony

Hi All,
Raising this concern on behalf of entire kuppusamy colony residents.

Issue: Kuppusamy colony, Alandur , Chennai- 16 . We are living in constant fear as for emergency ambulances is not able to enter our colony.

Reason: The service roads to our colony is blocked by un authorized occupants and also street light which is blocking our way into our colony. Our residents have raised this concern multiple times but corporation advices to check with highway department and electric departments which is nearly not feasible.

Request: Request corporation to whom we are paying hefty taxes to kindly coordinate with concerned department help us free passage for vehicles to our colony. There were 2 deaths happened also in our colony due to lack of immediate medical attention. PLEASE HELP to save previous human lives.

Multiple complaints raised in chennai corporation no action taken – 220SAN,432LNF .

Bata India Defective product and Irresponsible Staff behavior

I purchased a pair of cut shoes in OMR BATA outlet at Chennai. The insole was worn off in 2 months . I was out of station for 3 months. When i approached the store guy for the issue he we totally irresponsible in his response asking me a bill that was bought 2 months ago and said that their system has no information about the purchase history.

I was asked to produce my bank statement and finally the so called store supervisor said it cannot be replaced. The store is 20 kms from my home and i had to travel twice to get this amazing response from the supervisor and he didnt even care to respond to me . I have all this conversation recorded.

Finally now i have spent 2000 to receive this irresponsible response

Electricity problem in dlf phase 3 gurgaon Bad roads in U Block DLF PHASE 3

Extremely bad road in U-40 gali if DLF phase 3. Roads hasn’t been constructed back after sewer lines have been put. Only partial work done. And most of the road becomes extremely bad in rains, where no one can walk!

Please look into the matter urgently!!

Jovial Mart Halcyon kart Product jeans combo

I am ajay R/o w. No 13 h. No155 Near head post office District Udhampur Pin code 182101 Jammu and Kashmir state i am received your jeans combo 103 product but this product is not my size I am suffering. Your product Your product name is jeans combo 103 courier name BPCOD E Biller ID 4475 customer ID 2919 Tracking number YA130255506IN quantity 1 order ID 14510 order date 19/05/2019 Invoice no HAL14510-2019 invoice date 18/05/2019 but you are my helpful your product is return and my payment is refund my PAYTM number 9797426368

Hathway/broadband Fraud of my security money

Hi, on thursday i received a call from customer executive of hathway who asked me to pay 400rs amount and said that you have to pay this amount to avoid calls from us and also to take your security amount which is pending with them…… Which was around 1500 and he promised once I pay this amount they will release my security amount in my paytm no and I will not receive any further calls from them. I made the payment bt neither I received my security from them neither they stopped calling. I request you to pay back my amount and also want you to take the action against this issue that despite of being such a big company they fool the customer. My account no is 1115166043 and it is registered with account named neha singh.

Water complaint (Haryana) Water not coming Properly

Dear Sir,

This is to share with you Recently I got the new water connection at my home. But I have not yet getting the water. we are facing the lot of issues due to non-availability of water in colony. Request you to please take the strict action on this! Thanks

Anil C
+91 9805014498
Behaind St.Thomas School
Dharampur Pinjore