Videocon D2H Mere wala pack is not initiated

My customer ID is 46344480.
I have created mere wala pack before December 31st 2018. But the channel I selected is not coming in my TVs. I have tried several times to contact customer care to make my pack activate but they were saying to wait for few minutes and try again by switching off and on the TV. But it is of no use. I have been trying a lot to activate mere wala pack.
Please activate my mere wala pack. Iam fed up with all tries. I want my pack to be implemented. I want to pay for what I am watching. Please implement my pack as soon as possible.
Thank you.

MCD- Illegal commercial activities in residential area running bread factory in sector 23A

In sector 23A, Carterpuri village they are running bread factory or wholesale shop because of that trucks, four wheeler are keep coming in street. Lot of sounds of loading and unloading starts @4 which create disturbance in sleep.

Please take appropriate action for commercial activity in residence area.

Next to 1305 and 1313
Block F,
Sector 23 A,
Carterpuri Village

Indigo Airline Damage of Baggage and laptop

On 23-3-2019 we came from Jaipur to Mumbai by flight no. – 6E 394. PNRVH1BXW. As we landed we came to belt number 4
As we approached the bags started coming In we waited around 40 minutes but as we waited through
People started to take their bags and go after 45 minutes of waiting we finally saw our luggage wrapped in a plastic wrap we started wondering that why was it in a plastic wrap as we took it off the belt, we saw that the chain was flying open because it had broken not because it was overweight but we think that someone tried to open it because it was jerked as we approached the ‘baggage service’ ,the lady who was there at the baggage service, we informed baggage service personal Name Jayshree. She call one loader personal to cut the wrap and she trying convince baggage chain is not good may be our loading personal saw and wrap properly your luggage after that she instructed to loading personnel to cut the plastic wrap and we show one side chain was open and many of the things come out from luggage, where one side our luggage was locked.
After cut the plastic wrap we saw that the baggage was full scratches as if it had fallen several times.
As we opened our luggage we checked whether both of our laptops. were in it one of them was fine but the other one was scratched so much and one corner was damage and on the top of screen side scratch, other portion charging point had been damaged.
When we request to make complain and I need complain number, she is not ready to write, when we ask second time she wrote there register but not shown me what she writen on the complain register, she given one number – FG6M6G.
When we request to call Loading supervisor how it was fallen from top and screeches, she protecting air mates and told me they are very busy, I cannot call, we will investigate we have camera, after that she convince your luggage is small screeched we cannot do anything because is outside box. And it is happen during luggage handling. She wears Jacket and disappears.
She not gave any suggestion how to make complain. We lose 2.30 minute on the airport after landing. Our Rent Taxi came and gone we have paid cancellation charges. Point to Note :
1. Luggage fallen and scratched.
2. One computer one corner side was damage and on the top of screen side scratch, other portion charging point had been damaged.
3. Due to delay Our Rented Taxi came to Airport and left, we have paid cancellation charges.
4. We Lose time on the airport to notify Indigo Baggage service section for damage luggage. 5. She (Jayshree) was not showing what she had written on the complain register. 6. She (Jayshree) disappeared without informing the customers.


Sital Mukherjee

Toll TAX Services at Badarpur Toll Plaza

Dear Friend,

It is been over three months that FAST TAG lane from both sides at Badarpur Toll Plaza is not working.

I have raised the issue with people there many time but of no use. Rather workers at Toll Plaza misbehaves with commuters.

Even after having the FAST TAG we are being pushed to go through normal lanes and wait in cue. Most of the times they keep only one lane operational which in turn increased the waiting time.

It this technological era when our prime minister is promoting technology to ease off operations, NHAI is not able to find solution to operate FAST TAG lanes.

There is no use of calling it FAST TAG if NHAI can not provide the related services.

I hope you will understand the gravity of situation and try to resolve the issue ASAP.