videocon electronics Under warranty TV not repaired

Complaint No – LP-4947071908122
Serial No of TV – 211016110165101990
Type and Model – 40HH21FKM
Date of Purchase – 2016-12-18
Screenshots of messages are attached.

It has been more than 50 days and my TV, which is under warranty, still has not been repaired. In fact, there is hardly any progress. And after calling Videocon customer care again and again, they haven not been able to help much in this case other than fake promises of early action.

Summary of my case is given below:
1. My Television is under warranty and its screen is not working now. I registered my complaint to videocon customer care on 31 July 2019.
2. They sent a mechanic to my house after one week and we paid 575/- rs to him for his charges.
3. He said that the TV screen is faulty and can not be repaired and the whole TV will be changed because its under warranty.
4. Then after a few days, my complaint got cancelled automatically. When I called Videocon customer care, they again registered my complaint on 12 Aug 2019. And again sent the mechanic to home who took photos of tv but nothing happened after that.
5. Then for a long time, I kept getting messages about the rescheduling of appointment regularly.
6. Now after a long time, customer care told me that part for TV war demanded on 6 Sep. I have been calling them again and again after that but they keep saying that part is demanded. There is no progress on that.

If they are not able to repair the TV in a reasonable time frame, they should have replaced it.
I request you to instruct them to replace my TV at the earliest. These 50 days have been mental harassment for me and my parents, who are old and bedridden and TV was the only source of time pass for them.

Zee marathi-serial Majhya Navryachi biko serial band karne babat

Majhya Navryachi Baiko
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Mahatama jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University counselling fees refund

UP B.Ed.
I had paid online counselling fee and registration fee of rs 52000 /- but I had not alloted any seat in counselling but till now i.e. 19/09/2019 I have NOT received my refund amount of rs 51250/-

Please refund my amount as soon as possible.

Reg. number- 20191583848


Lenin T J
Ex. NK 15152069a
Thekkekara House
P O. Anjur Mundur
Thrissur – 680541
[email protected]


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Thanking You
Lenin T J