Debit card bank refusing to fllow bank code no 12.6 and denying reposnibility to repay in case of theft

bank refusint to follow bank code 12.6 . bank issued me authorised debit card. which is duplicated by unknown person he withdrew ten thousand rs from mumbai. when i reached bank they directly refused the responsibility. when i made a writeen complaint for repayment as its a theft they at least took efforts to get cctv footages. now bank is saying i should take the cctv footage to police. where as i am saying its not my repsonsibility to go to police . its completley banks responsibility to safegaurd my money against theft,
i have copyof writeen compaint. i have received many mails from bank denying the repsonsibility. my number is 0 9273607078
please help me out

Debit card i have no received my new debit card

Dear Sir,

I am Rajamani Biswal Acount holder of SBI Branch Bharigada Acount no is 11326611624 so i have some problem now i was applied my new debit card at my home branch of Bharigada State Bank Code 8099. Month of June but now i have not received my new debit card till date. then i will applied on net banking through month of august but no responses any body, so what can i doing now please help me and i need my new debit card because my old no chip debit card is very damaged condition and i will already block my old debit card.
So Please kindly look at this matter

Rajamani Biswal
New Delhi

Debit card Multiple transaction of ATM card

In the pretext of employment consultants on 23.05.2017 a telephone call was received and informed that the amount paid by me will be refunded if ATM particulars were given. They had asked me to confirm the account by asking me the OtP umber of a transaction of Rs 3000, but the audibility was poor and the time was lapsed, sine I were in travel the caller had gained details of my card and with drawn an amount of 35010 in a total of 13 transactions.
I got a call from HDFC explaining me that there were many ransactions taking place .The have asked me to immediately block the car such that further loss is prevented. I attach the details as requested you to investigate the case.