Defective and Faulty Saree The Shop owner fooled us

Dear sir
I would like to inform you that on 29th June `19, my daughter purchased a saree from “Kalki”, 2nd floor, Vivianana Mall, Thane at a price of Rs.9995/-. As per the “Kalki”, the original price of this saree is Rs.16,000/- and they are selling at a reduced rate.
After coming at home, we opened the Saree and checked it. We found that the saree is full of defects and faults and completely unsuitable to wear! It was a very old stock material creating bad smell and just remined as unsold. The shop “Kalki” just dumped on us in packed condition and we took it as a good faith on them by paying the huge amount!
We visited the shop on 6th July to exchange the defective Saree with better one, but they totally refused telling that once sold, it cannot be exchanged! Now that costly Saree of Rs.9995/- has become a burden on us.
The Shop owner is found to be very dishonest and they have made such law at their own benefit just to fool the customers and to dump the old unusable stock. It is totally unjustified that we can not accept such faulty Saree at such high price!
I am a Textile Technologist by profession and understand that the total material and manufacturing cost will not exceed more than Rs.2000/-. They quoted the original price as Rs.16,000/- and selling at Rs.9995/- is absolutely an unethical and nefarious business and fooling the innocent customers!
Now, we wish to return the Saree as it is found absolutely unusable and want to get the full return of the Amount. Any delay will be charged Bank Interest.
Hope the Consumer Guidance will do proper justice on us and help us in getting back the amount. Thanking you